He worked very hard, but could make little progress.

The boy didn't reach his father's height of six feet.


It is beyond the scope of the present work to describe all the components that comprise Emmet's architectural style.

I prefer quail eggs.

Socrates was accused of atheism because he did not believe in Zeus.

The crowd flowed into the auditorium.

It's a school holiday tomorrow, so I'm planning to go somewhere and have fun.

I'm not the one who has to do that.

He found one.


Merat thinks he's in big trouble.

There is a bookstore in front of the department store.

You were incompetent.

Avoid opening the window; I have no great desire to feel air currents on my back.

This has been designated a conservation area.

Is hitchhiking prohibited in Australia?

I'd be very glad if you came.

Her mother's death was a blow to the little girl.

I knew Boyce didn't care about Jesse.

The apple-blossom was touched by the frost.

Don't you think it's hot?

Let's skip class.

He wasn't happy in spite of all his wealth.

That's an excellent question.

I ruined one of my best shirts when I spilled some battery acid on the sleeve.

Why would I be upset?

Your mother and father are dead.

What makes you think I'd want to see that?

She's what you call a "delinquent mom," but she's good at cooking, and most importantly, she's a really caring parent.


There's no way to convince him. He absolutely insists that the only way to solve the problem is his way.

Will has been studying French for the last three years.

We like girls.

I doubt that Gigi has the courage to do what really needs to be done.

This car is easy to handle.

Hopefully it will not rain this evening.

What will be my legacy?

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He is fond of chocolate cake.


Is that a squirrel?


I had a conversation with him.

It was just a stupid mistake.

I have to speak with you immediately.

I'm younger than you.

I'll go with you as far as the bridge.

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I'll buy Moran that pony he's always bugging me for.

We've all been there before.

The gardener was the murderer.

I did that work on the orders of my boss.

We've waited a long time to meet you.

She just pulled your leg. It's a joke.

He is good and coherent.

Children work in this textile factory in conditions close to slavery making clothes for a well-known brand.

Even Lanny lied to us.


She didn't love him, she would never love him; he has inspired in her a secret and inexplicable dislike.

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People are weird.

I make a lot more money than Brodie does.

We just want to go home.

Shouldn't we ask Clare first?

They hit the mark three times.

He spoke to me about it.

I want to know why you weren't here yesterday.

Serdar said it was OK.

Forget what I said.

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Human remains were found during the excavation.


The squirrel closed its eyes and began to count hazelnuts.


Susumu has been there since 2013.


Woody wrote Sabrina a love letter.

Time was working against Dan.

Juliet put on his rubber gloves.


He wants to learn without studying.


Slartibartfast said he'd always love Magnus.

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I've got to stop Adam from doing something stupid.

I had my thumbnail torn off.

Whatever happens, just keep smiling.

Sunil predicted it.

I only know what Dean told me.

He has been studying for two hours.

Trey won't stand a chance.

I've already told her everything.

Samuel escorted Marla to the party.

It's my younger brother's.

I thought I gave you the key yesterday.

Julie is clearly busy.

No one else is coming to look for you.

Did you see him go aboard?

What is the English translation of this sentence?


My friend always accuses me of doing wrong things.

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I'll take him home now.

I'll deal with that for you.

"Are you happy?" "Yes, I suppose I am."


I was going to take a nap.

It's not as good, if you ask me.

Tareq doesn't give Lee flowers anymore.

Barrio doesn't have expensive tastes.

All you have to do is to make a comment.


I still have a report to write.


The country is heading in the right direction.


No one knew who I was.


Marilyn asked Vadim to not quit her job.

Don't ask who she is.

Let's not do anything that might make Terri angry.

Dawn and Grace wanted to fix their marriage.

The late Freddie Mercury, former lead singer of Queen, had a vocal range of four octaves.

I remember playing the original Pac-Man game when I was a kid.

Would you please shut up?

Shyam stood perfectly still.

Whenever I feel tired, I go down to the river to wash myself and feel the refreshing air on my body.

We were expecting something different.

I'm beginning to agree with you.

Go and talk to her.

She forced me to go out with her.

I know that you lied to me the other day.

Probably he does that already.


Women are not permitted to drive cars in Saudi Arabia.

Do you want to go back to Boston?

Maybe I should study German.


We should probably do something.

We're booked for the whole month on Broadway.

Can I make an appointment to have a medical examination?


I should've stayed a little longer.


Didn't she speak Dutch?

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What's new with you?

The baby seemed to be in a deep sleep.

We traveled around the country by car.

Face life with a smile!

With a little luck the weather will be good.


I'm listening to this band.

He is not the boy who came here yesterday.

There's nothing to eat.


Get Eugene whatever he wants.

Stay close to me.

Crying is of no avail.

Let's begin by considering the similarities.

My grandfather lived to be ninety-nine years old.


You could at least say "thank you".

This just now became understood by you?

Tony runs every day.

The cold is intense.

I don't see Clarissa as much as I used to.

She loves brushing her horse.

Spatra set to sail through her exams

A computer is an absolute necessity now.

Ramiro hurried to the hospital.

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I'm faithful.

He called me a cab.

My father was satisfied with the result.

Go is known as igo in Japan, weiqi in China and baduk in Korea.

I swam two pool lengths.

I was in good spirits.

How do you make decisions?

She flatly severed it.

They employ foreigners because Japanese workers are in short supply.

I could not help crying at the sad news.

I'm firing you.

For God's sake Bob, lighten up.

Why is Vic acting this way?

He returned home after being away for ten months.

He wore a mask so no one would recognize him.

You can count on him.

I need to find a job.


Arne's car's outside.

Ping opened the envelope.

That's just what we wanted.

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You won't be safe anywhere.

You're the one who knows how to do this, right?

Relax. It's supposed to be fun.

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Am I handsome?