Nobody's going to hurt you.

We were all worried.


I never get tired of talking.


I can't kiss you the way you want to be kissed.


Call them.

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Since he did not fit within any preexisting religion, he decided to establish his own.

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Compared to our house, his is a palace.


Tell you what, Irving, you take it.

Come and write your name.

The famous song "Ave Maria" was composed by Schubert.

We fell in love.

Every miller draws water to his own mill.


This is not the America I want for my children.

The danger was imminent.

Gilles may be the only one who can solve this problem.

Leigh didn't eat breakfast this morning.

Vern was almost blind.

Dieter plays the xylophone better than Bruno does.

He was happy, poor as he was.

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Here's a rough draft of my speech.

Would you bet against Revised?

Look after the children this afternoon.

I know how some of you might feel about that.

The nearest star to our solar system is Proxima Centauri.

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It is easy for him to answer this question.

I haven't looked inside this box yet.

Dave said you were driving drunk.

Alf has been waiting all his life for a woman like Stanley.

You trust in god?

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Spread your legs apart.

It's unfortunate that he is gone.

In this store they speak in Esperanto.


Dieter has promised he won't do that anymore.


Reading between the lines, it's clear that Phill isn't having such a good time in his new job.

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It was really sad.

Carry out the task as well as you can.

I've been to Sapporo before.


I eat and destroy.

You are not allowed to enter that room.

I can't be something I'm not.


You don't expect an answer now, do you?

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I wasn't talking to you.


There's a guard coming.


I hope Tharen remembers that we're going over to Sassan's for dinner this evening.


He's my senior by two years.

Where is Mount Whitney located ?

Roman should've said more.

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Pray for them.

Ueno is the station after next.

Who seeds wind, shall harvest storm.

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He got up at once, struck a match, and looked at the time. It was exactly one o'clock.

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She made a series of medical discoveries.


Are you in Boston right now?


We listened to music yesterday.


Pay attention to him.

Where did I put the hammer?

Ramanan bought flowers.


I rarely watch documentaries.

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We have to take care of our children.

These tools are used for building a house.

We try to set a good example providing my staff with 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

She really likes English.

Tell us about yourself and your family.


Let's do this another time.

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I took it for granted that he would stand by me.


Do you have a back exit?

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Could you tell me how to get to Park Street?


This was not a joke.

American kitchens are much bigger than Japanese ones.

Syun lost his wife seven years ago.

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I think I'll put up my child for adoption.

In those days, Germany had a strong army.

I don't care whether he leaves or stays.

I am supposed to meet him at four.

This morning I got up at four so as to be in time for the first train.

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She sowed wheat in her field.

Who did she think about?

He placed the ladder against the fence.


The novels he wrote are interesting.

I live here.

But my mind tells my fingers what to do.


Where is the rubber duck?


Sometimes our prayers aren't answered the way we want them to be.


I am not content with what I am.

In honor of tomorrow's Esperanto club meeting, I baked a cake with white frosting and a green star in the center.

No, the Chinese kitchen is the best.

Every preposition has a definite, fixed meaning, but if we have to use some kind of preposition and the sense doesn't tell us what kind of preposition we should use, then we use the preposition "je", which has no specific meaning.

I love Ramanan so much.

Let me take your coat.

The coins are metal.

Mehrdad won't be difficult to find.

Other times, other manners.

Would you like to run your own business?

Please step back.

We cannot sleep because of the sound.

Let's grab a bite to eat.

I'll be returning to Boston sometime next month.

Can you speak more slowly?


Do you smell something strange?


What happened to your leg?


Phill tossed the empty cup in the trash.


Herb was put in jail.

You don't have to tell Reinhard if you don't want to.

Aaron and Pratap went to a music festival.

I don't remember seeing Sergei on the bus.

We're searching for a solution to the problem.


The butler announced Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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Will a new technology be of any great use to mankind?

There are some pictures on the wall.

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.


John employs 200 workers.

John can really talk a blue streak about Peru.

Fay handed Serdar a glass of champagne.


Four horses roam the pasture.


We need to meet with her.

This is the tallest tree I have ever seen.

This is a house and that is a mosque.

St. Valentine's Day falls on Sunday this year.

How have you furnished your apartment?


I expect to see Shari again next month.

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I'm sorry about last night.

That dish with salted pork knuckles is Swiss cuisine.

You can't let Del eat anything that has peanuts in it.

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How are you fixed with money?

I just want you and me to be happy.

Wouldn't that be fun?

Saddam rejected the demand.

Her complaints never cease.

I don't have good luck, so I don't play pachinko or buy lottery tickets.

She'll return home tomorrow.

What kind of accidents might happen?

Do you translate lyrics?


I know Malaclypse very well.

I should've thought of it sooner.

We're bored.


They're close to the Germans.

The pan is too hot.

My umbrella will serve for a weapon, should the occasion arise.

We resumed negotiations with that company.

One of the children asked one day: "Where do babies come from?"

The riot was suppressed without difficulty.

Ritchey has probably already seen that movie.

I know your Christian name.

The couple was walking arm in arm.

This book is pretty easy for me to read.

I want the facts.


Ima didn't know what Donnie was thinking.