You're not going to want to miss this.

I invited twelve people to my party, but one could not come.

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After the race, everyone stood around panting for five or ten minutes.

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I got him.

Have you read the article about Asia in Time?

What possible help could that be?

Alastair said he saw Deb sitting in the park by herself.

Dani is very interested in folk music.


I must decide what to do.


I feel outcast.

The students did the work themselves.

When did Lance buy his truck?

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What's going on there?


Ben was believed to be a criminal.

There is a good number of problems for which the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions are insufficient to guarantee optimality, but this doesn't change the fact that these conditions are an indispensable tool for doing optimization.

Don't give it to Saqib. Give it to Tyler.


They are going to give a party the day after tomorrow.

They asked Mrs. Lincoln where she wanted her husband buried.

The shop did not want him.

Hiroyuki was in a hurry so he left his breakfast only half eaten.

I went climbing in the Alps.

The police accused her of texting while driving.

I'm not artistic.

In spring, there are various blooming flowers.

Why do you always wear white shirts?

There is a school down the mountain.

I don't want credit.

He sounded slightly jealous.

The circumstances are different now.

That sounds a little off.

I love sucking the marrow from the bones; it's even better than the meat on the bones.


Can you teach me how to play the bagpipes?

She has money problems.

They failed to come on time owing to the traffic jam.


How slow you are!

Anything too stupid to be said is sung.

What kind of shoes are you looking for?

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The children blow dandelions to see the seeds disperse on the wind.

Our Father who art above, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come.

Plastic will be thirsty.

I hereby declare the opening of the Olympic Games.

Jon has agreed to do as you suggested.


A flush is a poker hand where all five cards are of the same suit.


I wonder who appointed Greg.

Skepticism is a vital characteristic of science.

Party leaders are grappling with flaws in the party system.

It doesn't sound to me like you want to talk.

Tell them I'll be home soon.

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Don't take it personally, Walt.

Matthieu has achieved very good results.

Don't you think you've had enough to drink?

History is an ever-ongoing process.

Finishing this job by Tuesday will be a piece of cake.

At least tell Molly how you feel.

I was born in the winter.


I had to make a speech at short notice.

Are the children playing in the park?

The salesclerk will come to help you right away.

Let's see how the negotiations pan out before we decide.

The profane language used on network television makes many parents with young children not want to subscribe to cable.

The secret to life isn't to try and get what you want, but to be satisfied with what you get when you get something.

Kyu reached into his coat pocket.

Donal gave Vince a blank stare.

I know how to count to 100.


Do you have a desire to change jobs?


I shone a flashlight into the dark room.

"Why is everything white?" "Because of the snow."

Dip into it and the piranhas will eat you.

I feel bad about this.

That sentence doesn't exist in any song.


No one told us.

The water was fouled by oil.

I wish we'd had time to visit you while we were in Boston.

I don't see that as a problem.

It stuck in his craw that he was forced to step down from his position after 40 years.

Clara doesn't believe in evolution.

Maybe I shouldn't invite Marcos to the party.

How's the hematoma, Honzo?

I don't like this plain necktie. Please show me a more colourful one.

The floors were clean.

We haven't seen you in a while.


Pilots communicate with the airport by radio.

If you heard her speaking English, you would never guess that she wasn't a native speaker.

You must have some idea what's going to happen.

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My cold is getting worse.

I'm ready for more.

He teases me all the time.

I want to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Pilar seems very friendly today.

His family is rather badly off.

I usually get up at six.

I can't speak for her.

He composed a resignation immediately.

It is hoped that the war will end before long.

There's definitely something bothering Leung.


The woman likes to play tennis.


Oliver is waiting in line.

Where is the United Airlines check-in counter?

My brother studied in England.


She was laughed at.

All the bank robbers were wearing masks.

Now you listen to me!

You can't tell anybody.

There are some very strange things going on here.

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I'm addicted to translating sentences from French into English on Tatoeba, and Spanish is tempting me sorely.


Can you give Rajendra a ride home?

We've been here three days.

I am the Communications Convenor at my church.

I can't let Bob go alone.

I watch television with my daughter.

We were just playing.

You should clean up this mess.


Fire will burn you if you touch it.

When we arrived at the house, Chin and Chilla were sitting at the top of a broad flight of stairs.

The boat was frozen in.

Hsuan decided not to tell Saul the truth.

I think about him every day.

Columbus argued that he could reach India by going west.

I've done that all my life.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

Where's my bag?


The upper reaches of the river are very beautiful.

She's a blonde girl.

I'd like to interview him.

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Thank you all the same.

The "family manager" is a profession, occupation, vocation.

I like to be home, that way I can work on my story.

You've hurt me.

I don't think he knows I love you.

Oliver certainly knew that what he was doing was illegal.


My grandparents were German, and the language has been passed down to me and my brother.

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I remember that one day, when I was a child, I went to see Notre-Dame's great bell.

They made their way toward the town.

How did you know Thierry wasn't going to like it?

Heidi says he doesn't know anybody here.

I didn't believe her.


The school supplies the students with books.

It's time my dream came true.

There is no other country where books are read by so many people and can be bought so cheaply as in Japan.

Richard let me read the letter he had received from Ping.

Take a run-up and jump over the fence.


His friends said he didn't like going out in public.

Tobias drove faster.

His work done, he appeared to be satisfied.


They are collecting information by casual methods.

Spyros asked if there were any questions.

Ronni said that he wants me to help him tomorrow afternoon.

Youth has its advantages.

After she had read the letter, she tore it to pieces.


I'm just trying to find her.

Here are a few good rules on how to preserve food.

Wait until you see what I bought today.

Pilar has been through quite an ordeal.

You're the one who suggested we eat Chinese food, so don't complain.

Just make sure that doesn't happen again.

Overworking was the death of him.

If the life and death of Socrates was the life and death of a wise man, then the life and death of Jesus is the life and death of a God.

You can be sure that the money you give them will be put to good use.


The boy likes to walk in the city.

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The nurse applied a medicine to the affected part.


I'm sure everything'll be OK.


Jerrie is right behind me.