You just listen.

I stayed up late last night reading a novel.

There is no denying that he is clever.

I studied for six months in England when I was a student.


Hughes left the party at 2:30 a.m.


What would happen supposing the earth stopped spinning?


Peter said you were happy here.

The Caribbean abounds with islands.

Everyone recognized his skill.

He's looking for a job.

I'd prefer that you stay home tonight.


I guess I've been better.

He looked me straight in the eyes.

Kelly could've drowned.

Do not fuck!

It used to be nearly impossible.

Does this count?

They have only been married two months.

Come and see me at eleven o'clock.

I'll buy her a drink.

Did Josip ask about me?

Kriton took a tiny bite of Alex's donut.

Make sure you don't do anything stupid.

In most languages the verb is an essential part of speech.


Was it useful?

This building was named after him.

Gunnar is too young for me anyway.

It's a very big difference.

How did you and your wife meet?

Watch out for police on the Indiana highways.

Keith was the only one who offered to help.

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Francisco was the first one to enter the classroom.

Jennie didn't have anyone to play with.

He's what society calls a real lover of music.

There's a logical answer to every problem.

This is the first time I've ever slipped on a banana skin.

Apple's new iPhone doesn't have a headphone jack.

It is impossible for me to solve the problem.

I felt my heart beating rapidly.

By 'Torii' you mean that red objet d'art at the top of the steps?


I do not want to argue with you.

That didn't turn out too bad.

Forgive me if I have offended you.


How do you make that?

I haven't met our new neighbors.

May I have a cup of tea, please?

Bert wouldn't be at the bank this time of day.

Let's just forget about it.

There are only two popular highways in this small city.

Bunnies are social animals.

Listen to me carefully, and you will understand what I really mean.

Rise and shine, sleepyhead.

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I can't believe we're all still here.

We were all rooting for her.

He doesn't have to go to school today.


First of all, we have to plant all these seeds.


The branch offices of the bank are located all over Japan.


The cold weather kept us indoors.

Francois is trying to quit smoking.

Tell them for me, OK?


That's what really impressed me.

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Isn't that risky?

Excess of politeness is annoying.

Would you please take a picture?


There is little automobile traffic on this road.

I didn't lie to him.

Don't be careless.

I'm not finding the equation.

I can't possibly afford to pay for all this.


Call 911!

I know all about that.

We have to give Win a chance.


I'm from Kashgar.


He felt pleased with the new car.


Recently there are a lot of young people who don't use respectful language to their superiors.

He doesn't mingle with the villagers.

The cab driver wasn't seriously injured.

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Jeannette took care of the children.

When can I see you?

It's still for sale.

Charley is good at cooking.

I'm sure you'll be interested.

Gail takes care of himself.

I stopped at the supermarket on my way home.

Shall we have an aperitif?

I have no intention of discussing this further.

Personally, I think you're right.

She spends all her time thinking about boys.

Clem and I talked about many things.

Please don't be sad.


We'll save this piece of cake for Tracy.


I don't have a cent, let alone a dollar.

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Charles de Gaulle was a great man and also a tall man.

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You know, the ones where you skewer some marshmallows and roast them. I don't know what they're called but they're really good. Let's try roasting some at my place sometime, too.

On the right, there is a field of barley; while on the left, there is a field of wheat.

An undeciphered dream is an unread letter.

I want them to apologize.

I've sometimes taken time off work to watch the Super Bowl.

I'm not at all happy about this.

God! What a beard you have! You look terrible! You're going to scare away the children.


Toil to toil brings toil.

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I'm sure Clem is exaggerating.


Why do you need to do that?

You don't have to work so hard if you're tired.

He frankly expressed his own view.

She received a letter from her, but it only contained a few cold words.

Do you talk about us?

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He put his money in the bag.

I'll give you a call before I visit you.

He has ten children.

An Englishman would not use such a word.

According to a survey, three in five people today are indifferent to foreign affairs.

He has an innate love of adventure.

Is there anything we can do for you?

It'll be very difficult to explain.

You need to tell Matthias what happened.

I saw the receipt on the kitchen table.

A wheelbarrow fills the bill for moving concrete blocks.


Oh, have a heart.


We won't be able to avoid being punished this time.

I just hope Jeannie is OK.

The birds are singing.

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That would be wicked!


You don't have to do that today.

The machine generates a lot of electricity.

You are inferior to me.

Nobody knows you're here.

The story of the lost prince was a fiction.

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Will you make room for me?

I am no longer sleepy.

Some books are on the table.

I'll ask Micky for you.

I'd like to talk to them again.


It can be a little confusing.

Are you two not getting along?

Is it possible you're wrong about that?

You probably already know about our company.

Do you know what's happening right now?


Olivier opened his briefcase.

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I need to use your phone to call the police.

Had he been there, would you have wanted to come?

Floria knew it was foolish to go out by himself after dark.


We need all the information we can get.

I just did what Merril asked me to do.

The train leaves at nine.

I have to go help him.

Sandy loves a good laugh and avoids people who haven't got a sense of humour.

Norm will apologize.

Let's talk about safety.

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Comments must be relevant to the topic.


Will you take this bag while I consult the map?

I'm sorry I missed your concert.

He will suggest new approaches.

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She felt like giving up the plan.


Look! There goes a shooting star.

I now understand that the woman I thought was a nurse is a doctor.

I happen to agree with Meeks.


I'm going to stay with them.