Just give us a chance.

This isn't a dog, it's a fox.

My daughter held on to my coat sleeve and would not let me go.

As soon as you have the car fixed, please send me a letter with the cost. I'll send you the money.

There's no call to get angry over this matter.

Perseverance, it is often said, is the key to success.

That's the most absurd idea I've ever heard.

It's not a real choice.


I didn't like the way she talked to people.

I don't have much desire for wealth.

Don't scratch your mosquito bite. It'll get inflamed.

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America is a land of immigrants.

Sriram declined to comment for this article.

Juan was lucky to find a job.

Even though it's busy today, this bit of work must be finished before leaving.

Charleen only speaks French.

Bradford opened a can of soup and emptied it into a saucepan.

My room looks out on the street.

That's convenient, isn't it?

We had to put off our trip.


Little is known of this curious plant.

I want to get out of here.

All the passengers died, but he survived.


Every student was asked his or her name and birthplace.


The professional skier liked to "hot-dog" down the mountain.

You don't need to patronize me.

Even if we wanted to, we would not have done it.


She was anxious to please her mother.

I hope Mayo goes home soon.

I showed my friends these picture postcards.

When I can get through my exams, I will take a long vacation.

How can you help her?

Could you do me a little favor, please?

What's a sentence?

Sehyo was more than ready.

Whether the medicine will work or not is uncertain.

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A child is spoiled by too much attention.

I recommend that you take a vote.

May God show us a better life!


Greek philosophers placed value on democracy.

Karl must be wrong.

Will this year be different?


The house on the corner is ours.

Stewart didn't approve of that.

Is there any doubt?

The jewel had been stolen during the night.

She has to lie to her family about her boyfriend.

They're changing the color of my dress.

Anatoly has made up his mind to do what Nadeem asked him to do.


I normally have a shower before bed.


I believed that he was a physician.


That's pure BS!


Is Wayne back already?

They wanted to keep southern states weak.

Magnus was untidy.


She's too loud.

We were only following orders.

His grandmother looks healthy.


Anytime you need a favor, call me.

Clifford can't have it.

They didn't think any of my suggestions were any good.

The whole country was covered in snow.

Are you telling me that you can't understand French?


They went fishing yesterday.

I'd say we are definitely going to have a good time tonight.

I won't say much.

That's my problem with her.

Don't go through the lobby.

Choose one from among these.

This lawn mower is gas powered.

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My aunt goes to Germany every year.

He is always saying bad things about others.

Do you like to cook?

That place is in the middle of nowhere.

My father is an office worker.


It is high time those weeds in the garden were removed.


My father died four years ago.

Jordan and Jeanne argue a lot, but they still get along quite well together.

There's only one bath towel in our bathroom.

It's not free.

Prakash plays table tennis just about every day.

That's why I told you not to go by yourself.

I'm glad that you came.


Pria held out his hand.

I'll have someone take you home.

Pilar is getting better bit by bit.

I'm so excited for you!

I know where Alain is holed up.


They'd like to be healthy.


I'm very good with numbers.


I'll call Sherri in a few minutes.


The Venus de Milo is the perfection of beauty.

Soon after she became a lawyer, she wouldn't even give her old friends the time of day.

How could you allow it?

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What do you prefer?

I'm capable of dealing with problems like this myself.

An intellectual is a man who says a simple thing in a difficult way; an artist is a man who says a difficult thing in a simple way.

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Is it that bad?

Mwa has been under a lot of strain recently.

Po is trying to change that.

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Leung has no alibi.

What do you think is going to happen?

Saumya's left arm is in a sling.

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Don't give her any ideas.

Tell her that.

What a pity she can't come!

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I did what I wanted to do.


Ramiro had to tell Val the truth.


Konstantinos was staring at you.

Laurie fell in love with me.

Can you show me the definition?


They are too drunk.

I'm rested.

Kay, I've got a surprise for you.

Medicine containers should be kept out of reach of children.

My two-year-old won't eat some of the healthy food I've been trying to feed him.


He's a plain speaker.

He is a liar.

How long have you worked in Boston?

That movie was really boring.

It's nigh-on impossible to work out what will happen.

You're a good kid.

I suppose I could use some rest.

Knudsen may have said that, but I don't think he did.

He's now a figure of the past.

The cooking instructor said the cake was ruined by my stirring it too much.

I already told you everything I know.

He's too old to go out until 6 a.m.

He forgot to buy a present for her.

Where's the oar?

I said that I could, not that I would.


They made noises all night, which kept me awake.

It's a nice day.

Try to do things for yourself.


I didn't notice anyone.

Let's play, little bro!

She will return home next Sunday, that is, the tenth.


Water freezes at zero Celsius, right?

Julia fished a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door.

I wanted to see if that was true.

Mario says that Romulus is the founder of Rome.

Elaine could've figured that out without Hy's help.


He knows how to fly a helicopter.

Hy isn't going to get away with it this time.

Yes, it's just this.

Sanjay is an amazing guitarist.

Her many puppies run around in the yard every day.

I haven't heard from Himawan since July.

Sunil says Emmett is lying.

I told you to do it.

You have to go talk to Billie.

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Go as fast as possible.


The doctor didn't allow my father to carry heavy things.

Let's keep an eye on Kari.

It was a solid gold bar.

Don't drive so fast.

We shouldn't expect too much help from Annard.

Eat your soup before it gets cold.

We go don't to make hasty decisions.

Ski jumping is a sport in which skiers go down a ramp, jump and try to land as far as possible.

She is very proud of her stamp collection.