Meet the Shopkins


Loves to have a chat and is a very good listener. Her dream is to get married. She is always wanting to be engaged and keeps looking for the perfect ring!

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Casper Cap

The Shopkin who can cap off any outfit and is always in peak condition!

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Sneaky Sally

A real sneaky mover with a bouncy personality. Loves being a step ahead of her friends.

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Suzie sushi.

A raw talent who's actions are sometimes a bit fishy. When she's on a roll nothing can stop her.

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Taco Terrie 

This Tex Mex is always full of beans and can go a bit over the top! Then he starts to become hard to handle!

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Ticky Tock

It takes time to get to know her but once you do the seconds will fly by. Watch Out!

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Chelsea Charm

Has a strong heart and will be your bestie forever! This little Charmer will never break your heart!

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Brenda Brooch

Likes to be worn out but she never looks tired! She always shines to the occasion!

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Likes to get attached. Once she's on your finger, she won't let go. Runs ring around her friends when it comes to loyalty.

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Ruby Earring

A stylish earring who hangs out with the beautiful people! She's lobes of fun!


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Roxy Ring

Always has a sparkle in her eyes and is a cut above the rest!

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Fiona Fries

She's a fast food who's always on the go! A real high fryer. With a heart of gold, she is always chipping in to help out!

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Netti Spaghetti

A true Italian beauty. Long and thin she loves to take a spin. She's a girl who loves to twirl!

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Candy Apple

When she starts something she sticks with it. She looks like a sweetie but can sometimes be a bit sour!


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Macca Roon

One colourful character, A bit of an airhead but one of the sweetest Shopkins you'll meet.

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She always gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you meet her.

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Sweet pea

Cute and cozy, and ready to pop out of their pod. It's time to "Give Peas a Chance!"

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Pee wee Kiwi

Tangy and sweet, a green fuzzy treat. When it comes to taste, this Kiwi is no Peewee!

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Penny Purse

Some Shopkins think she's made of money but she's a real penny pincher. Her Motto: "A penny saved is a penny earned!"

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Secret Sally

Trustworthy and faithful. She will always keep your secrets. She has an amazing memory and loves to talk about old times!

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Erica Eraser

Loves it when other Shopkins make mistakes. A real problem solver and loves to right wrongs.

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Cheese Louise

A cool little mover who loves to dance to cheesy songs. When it comes to being smooth she takes the cake!


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Patty Cake

A real Frost-top who loves to sprinkle joy wherever she goes. Her motto: "Life's what you Bake it!"


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Toastie Bread

Warm at heart with a very dry sense of humour. His favourite saying: 'If it's getting too hot, it's time to pop!'

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Frost T Fridge

A cool chic who loves to chill out, but can get a little frosty sometimes.


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Teenie TV

She's always switched on and tuned in to the latest trend. A real attention getter. She loves it when other Shopkins watch her!


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Sometimes she's a hat, sometimes she's a lampshade! She's so bright she's always wearing shades! 


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Taylor Rayne

A little wet behind the ears, but very loyal. She'll always cover for you!


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Beverley Heels

Loves to be seen on the red carpet. Always glamorous from heel to toe!

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Jennifer Rayne

Always up to her ankles in trouble. Loves to splash out on her friends. 

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