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Intro to Rolling Ropes™ DVD

We want the world learning how to Roll Ropes™ and we need your help in promoting the effort. 

What is the DVD all about?

(801) 944-4407 teaches you the secret for getting the most from Rope Training. If you have the desire, Rolling Ropes™ gives you the fastest, most reliable and systematic approach to mastering your body’s movement.  You will never think of a jump rope the same once you’ve learned to Roll Ropes.

Rolling Ropes™ was born when David Weck, Inventor of the BOSU®
91484972167155958437, applied his unique Both Sides Utilized training principles to Rope Training.  After meeting Buddy Lee - one of the world’s most exceptional jump rope artists, David embarked on his personal journey to master the ropes.  Rather than focus on jumping the rope as rope training is conventionally taught, David decided not to jump the rope for his first 30 days of training.

Training with the rope diligently everyday - without jumping through it – David discovered the Four Fundamental Patterns for turning the rope around his body equally well with both hands.  He experienced such rapid improvement in his physical capabilities, and ironically his jump rope skills when he later incorporated jumps that he just had to share his discoveries with the world.  Already embraced by world class athletes and top level martial arts practitioners, Rolling Ropes™ is requisite training for anyone serious about enhancing his/her physical prowess.


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