I'm in town for one night only.

How's your old man doing?

It shouldn't take us long to clean out the garage.

He was in a hurry to see his mother.

I must answer her letter.

Do you eat bread during lunch?

There was general panic.

Christmas will soon come around.

Andries is a great kisser.

Jennie did her job.

She noticed that.

I'll go out after having dinner.

People, a good year to all of us!

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Cathrin went to Byculla.

We saw a joyful sight.

I have to be home tonight before it gets dark.

Could you write this sentence again? It's not clear.

It was the custom in old times that as soon as a Japanese boy reached manhood he should leave his home and roam through the land in search of adventures.

You like English, don't you?

Do you ever think about her?

It is raining cats and dogs.

Lawyers and auto mechanics are the people I trust the least.


My uncle is very fond of fishing.

Then she took off her red shoes, which she liked better than anything else, and threw them both into the river.

Carisa is wrong, isn't he?

You may have been right about that.

Ramadoss pretended not to hear Gerald.

Her new novel has been highly praised.

I have the right to speak, too.

She's teaching children from disadvantaged families how to read.

Dan didn't even see Linda.

The Holocaust was a hate crime.

Rudolf has called me many times.


There are six sentences in Mongolian in Tatoeba for now.


Lucifer isn't ashamed of what he did.


Greg just doesn't want to hear this.


It is against my principles to tell a lie.

He did not give his opinion on that question.

Abrams handed Browne the cigarette.

I'm nowhere near thirty.

The set of real numbers is closed under addition.

I suggest you go west.

Please complete the sentences.


I wonder who Casey is waiting for.

I have no money, so I eat only pasta.

I wasn't honest with them.

The atomic number of iron is 26.

The Comoros is called "Juzur al-Qamar" in Arabic.

I wouldn't bet against him.

We've got one hour to find them.

It took Benson a long time to find Patricio's house.

The train was thirty minutes late.

You and I can handle it, I think.

Stevan only drinks lactose-free milk.

Isn't that illegal?

Sriram asked me the same questions Hsuan had asked me.

I'm Polish.

My father always speaks to me in French and my mother always speaks to me in English.


Our plane couldn't land on account of the dense fog.


The situation is extremely critical.

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What exactly are you trying to prove?

We always love the people that admire us, but not always the ones we admire.

I sometimes meet Clara at the club.

You should try to learn something new every day.

Freedom is something you have to fight for, rather than something you're given.

China is called "Zhongguo" in Chinese.

Come immediately.

The upshot of the decision was that a number of charitable organisations had to scale back their operations.

Kevin seems to think this is a good computer.

The public transportation system runs like clockwork.

Jin isn't fit to be a teacher.

Neal's limousine is parked in front.

I don't want to sleep.

Norman didn't want to be found.

What am I doing this for?

He looked at me for an explanation.

If you park here, your car will get towed.

The position of women, over the years, has definitely changed for the better.

When are you staying in Japan till?

Deodoro da Fonseca was the first president of Brazil. Galileo and isaac Newton were great physicists.

In more pleasant places in the world, people want to live longer. It is the converse in less pleasant places.

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Screw it in tight.

Why do you know so much about Australia?

I thought I was his best friend.


The cat ran away.


A zero-sum game is a game in which any player's winnings are balanced by the other players' losses.

I need Tanaka's help.

The woman is very big and she has many friends.

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Don't even think about that.

How much of this is Israel's fault?

The milk is disgusting.


You dropped your handkerchief.

He talks fast.

It makes sounds similar to fox yapping.

What's your problem today?

Why is it there?

I know which way Phil went.

Stop using emoticons everywhere. It makes it look like you're on ecstasy...

I paid her bill today.

When's your bed time?

How do you say "pizza" in Italian?

If you were stranded on a desert island, what books would you want to have with you to read?


Do you miss Boston?

Never be afraid of making mistakes.

Did Kinch win the race?

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We don't need to ask for permission.


Stevan said he's been here before.

The cause of his death still remains a mystery.

They're doing it to me out of spite.

Hey, that smells good.

Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are always are there.

I'm on my way to the fish market. What would you like for lunch? Mackerel or sardine?

I can well remember the passionate interest that took possession of my entire body and soul when I first fell in love.

Roger, what you say makes sense and I agree with you.

The hostages will be released.

When did you get up that morning?

Todd said he had a cold.

Who's your favorite guitarist?

I'm breaking up with my girlfriend tonight.

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You have at least three options.


That was pretty big.


The level of the river rose little by little.


I cannot watch this film. I don't like it.


Since my mother was sick, I couldn't leave the house last Saturday.

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Roberta stumbled and fell.


"I swear this trash is so overrated it makes me sick." "You like?" "Not a bit." "Great! I will make more then. See you later!"

He is probably going to win the next elections.

I thought Paula was cute.

Let's eat, grandma!

It was in London that I last saw her.

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At the height of the Cold War, my father decided, like so many others in the forgotten corners of the world, that his yearning - his dream - required the freedom and opportunity promised by the West.

Maarten is very outspoken.

He is such a careless boy that he makes mistakes very often.


I was also invited.

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I wanted to share it.

They have an agenda.

I knitted a sweater for him.

Shirley and Ti both live in Boston.

She will win the first prize.

The photo doesn't do us justice.

When do I need to return the book?

They said they hadn't done what we accused them of.

Oh, no! We're out of gas!

See if you can find out more about Glenn.

The road follows the river.

Mother laid the table for dinner.

You're finally going to be a June bride, aren't you?

I feel a little responsible.

Three passengers were hospitalized.

I heard Sanjeev speaking French.

I tried to eat it, but I couldn't.


There is still half an hour for the train to start.

I didn't say this!

This is a very old book.

Charleen took out his key and opened the door.

I couldn't stand the noise anymore.


I know as much about it as the man in the moon.

His house stands on the hill-side and commands a splendid view.

He is something of a magician.


Juergen hasn't updated the antivirus software on his computer in a long time.

Don't act like you know me.

Don't mind him.

We have ten cattle.

He understands ideas such as "same" and "different."

Jerome did what he wanted to do.

Have you reported that your father is missing?

What else will you need?

Naoto had his safes transported in an armored truck.