Sun rise was incredibly beautiful.

I won't do it myself. You need to help me.

Knut had no idea Naim was sick.

I rinsed one.

Do you remember your first kiss?

I'm at work now, so I'll call you later.

I am looking for an Italian person so as to do an Italian-Spanish exchange.

He will soon be a father.

The sea was very smooth.

Don't worry about it. You'll be fine.

He took the wrong bus by mistake.

Dan shot at the man who tried to steal his car.

How is that business progressing?

Manjeri was offered a job in Boston.

She's anorexic.

I wanted to speak with you first.


Sharks are killed for their fins.


Jon wants me to help Damone with her homework.

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I could do with some rest.

You can help.

They have to fix the water pipe. It's clogged.


Konrad realized he had no idea how to do what needed to be done.

You're old enough to take care of yourself.

He's a good liar.

Do you have it by any chance?

We won't be silent.


He is out and away the best jockey.

What a good swimmer he is!

The teacher suspected the student was cheating.

Dory didn't want to be alone on Valentine's Day.

The vase fell to the floor and shattered.

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How early do you get up in the morning?

I think Ralf was hiding something.

Would you please excuse us?

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I just learned six new facts about wombats.


Luc and I jog together.


You must trust in yourselves.

Izchak is younger than Anatoly is.

Isn't it incredible?


This liquid can be resolved into three elements.

Roman said he was going to Australia.

Lieutenant, my patience is shorter than my sword.


Construction began in October.

Thank you, sir, for your kindness.

There is a TV remote control under the couch.

Youth is wasted on the young.

How can you get to the stadium?


That is my dictionary.

Why aren't you looking for a job?

I tried my best, only to fail again.


That feels amazing.

According to all probability, no language is totally free of loan words.

When men of experience fail, we must employ green hands.


I'm familiar with the situation.

What is the use of worrying?

The medicine made me sleepy.

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I've missed Theodore.

Is this your umbrella?

I hope Ricky doesn't go to Boston with Wilson.

Should I go to college?

I do everything for myself.


I want to come back next year.

I wanted to talk to you about your grades.

He burned the croutons.

Stephen thought that Root would like Indonesian food.

Floyd dashed out of the room.

I'll pray hard.

Traditional viewpoints gave place to new ones.


This political party is very environmentally conscious.

I wish I could do something to help Randell.

I am talking to my sister.


The New Year was drawing near.


I want them to be happy.

This question counts for 50 points.

Didn't you notice that she was very excited?

Brian spent all the money he had to buy Sjaak a Christmas present.

Shortly after the fire started, the petrol station exploded.

Thanks for clarifying that.

Please write the answer on this piece of paper.

Syed said he didn't feel pain right away.

Their job is to calculate salaries.

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

I'm really scared.

Sedovic became a sailor.

He lived in Kobe for three years.

We'll only have ten minutes in there.

Many people attended her funeral.

Only the assumption that the reader - I better say: the prospective reader, because for the moment there is not the slightest prospect, that my writing could see the lights of publicity, - unless it miraculously left our endangered fortress Europe and brought a hint of the secrets of our loneliness to those outside; - I beg to be allowed to begin anew: only because I anticipate the wish to be told casually about the who and what of the writer, I send some few notes on my own individuum out before these openings, - of course not without the awareness that exactly by doing so I might provoke doubts in the reader, that he is in the right hands, which is to say: if I, from all my being, am the right man for a task to which maybe the heart pulls me more than any qualifying relation in character.

I took 2 semesters of conversational Arabic at the community college.

Bryan never told Sam where he hid the diamonds.

The witness sees the citizen.

Here is your change.

I didn't ask her.


I have to do that sometimes, too.

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My father struggled with the robber.

Read good books.

Kosovo will participate in the Olympic Games 2016.

I won't go far.

I'd like to stand up.

What kind of bread do you like best?

The other Bert is too busy to love me!

I like it better now.

They started running.

You shouldn't take the things Gregge says seriously.

I thought for sure you would stay in Japan forever.

I've got some good news.

Jisheng is your boyfriend?


Elias means well.

Your feet will lead you to where your heart is.

Myrick is shorter than his father.

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They're Jack and Nguyen.

It took an hour to paint the doghouse.

Will this cover the holiday expenses?

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He reared three children by himself.

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Krzysztof voted for Romney.

Leonard was smart enough to shut up.

Vice has a beautiful voice.

We saw her on the beach.

Could you teach me how to play the piano?

Dawn looks stuck.

I know that Mysore can't speak French.


I think what you're saying is true.

You owe me big-time.

You should be thanking me.

I admit having done wrong.

They came to terms with each other on how to start a joint venture.

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Yesterday Marilyn was sentenced to two years eight months in jail for investment fraud.

Luckily she won a scholarship.

We have complete confidence in Nicolette.

Can you give them a ride home?

She is working night and day.

I got a good night's sleep.

Christopher Columbus wasn't an explorer because he loved the sea. He was an explorer because he hated Spanish jails.

Hsuan practices playing the bassoon every day.

I'm coming to your party and bringing you an unusual present.

Don't open your mouth!

Duane is young, isn't he?


What does Irwin mean?

I have never advised a friend.

I would like for him to write more often.


Edmond drank a cup of coffee.

Once I learned what to listen for, I came to appreciate modern jazz.

I'm in my fifth month of pregnancy.

Thanks for coming, guys! I'll see you tomorrow!

Is that okay with you?

Between two stools you fall to the ground.

What kept you up last night?

He likes ham and eggs.

What are you yelling about?

America is ahead in space technology.

Did you invite Jerald to the party?

Rahul wanted to be an astronaut when he was young.

The higher you go, the lower the temperature.

Those whose bones were exhumed to build the new catacombs could not be reached for comment.

If you get invited to your first orgy, don't just show up naked.

In modern computer systems, umlaut and diaeresis are represented identically.

Guido didn't give further details.

We all want Audrey to be successful.

I really need your help here.


His voice sounds like pure sex.

Bert got a phone call from the police with devastating news.

You can't go there.

The horse is neighing.

Pick one of the items on this list.

Her business was started with capital of $2,000.

That is how it happened.

Timo, I want you to do something for me.

There is not a physical explanation for this phenomenon yet.

It was the same.

It took her a while to realize the situation.