Where is your badge?

What's your favorite cookbook?

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There are no more than six persons here.


That bridge is half as long as this one.

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10 years have passed since then.

They were all strong men.

Toufic gave Dirk a high five.

Kent is the perfect girl for me.

Penny burned Darryl's picture.

I wonder if they don't have meetings anymore where strong words fly and everyone goes at each other tooth and nail.

Don't worry too much about the details.

It was not easy to convince him.

The sick person was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.


We bake traditional bread.

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All I want is a washing machine.


This is the house where he lives.

She bought a book at the shop.

You've both been very impressive today. I'm proud of you.

It's easy.

He overdosed on heroin.

The Polish language is involved.

Harv looked at the calendar on his desk.

Do you know Persian?

Okay, try again.

Let's go and find them.

If I had had a little more money, I would have bought it.

I thought something was going to happen, but nothing did.

Peter is full of hope.

Joanne might need a little help.

Joey represents the family.

The little boy plays.

We were all scared shitless.

I hope you're hungry.

Many people on Tinder are just looking for a short-term relationship.

I want you to leave her alone.

Jacobson recently had surgery.


Herbert was probably drunk when he crashed his car.


You have to chew the food before you swallow it.


My father is in good health.

I know a way to find out.

I'm glad it's not coming out of my pocket.

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I saw him cry.


Merat was pleasantly surprised, when she got home from work, to find that Vincent had already prepared the evening meal.

Let's check it.

Never Hesitate to hold out your hand.


This was avoidable.


Is VAT included in the price?

Zucchinis are green.

Are we going to register for that class?

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I'm not upset.


You are the light of the world.


I want to go to Japan someday.


Since you are here, we might as well begin.


Do you want to go hunting?

Melinda didn't know where to start.

Let's change into our swimsuits and go swimming.

The business will pay in due course.

Donna poured Donna a cup of coffee and topped off his own.

Teruyuki doesn't know what he's supposed to do.

The man whom we saw in the park was Mr Hill.


In the post office, mail is classified according to the place where it is to go.

I may be right.

That writer is well known all over the world.

Have you ever taken anything out of the dirty clothes basket because it had become, relatively, the cleaner thing?

Archie has to have an operation on his back.

Let's not talk about sports.

Come into my office.

Chris could not conceal his sadness when he heard that Beth had been unable to find his valuable watch.

Cherries are red.

Better run away right now!

Frederic and I need to talk.

Luke is painting his fence.

Very few soldiers of the special forces get married.


How did you get here so fast?

I'm now busy writing a book.

At first sight this problem seems easy, but in fact it's difficult.

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He looked as if he had seen a ghost.


You have totally lost your mind.

He rudely turned his back to the principal.

She must have been a beauty when she was young.


I can't fix it. It'll have to be replaced.

Any play opening to bad reviews won't last long.

Conrad told me you were here.


Heinrich works in a bank.


Fear often exaggerates danger.

May I borrow an umbrella?

Have you ever kissed your children? You don't even look at them!

I'm getting tired. It's your turn to drive.

We didn't want to hurt you.

The landing was perfect.

You never want to give anything away.

There's a lot of flu going around now.

I depend on my reading glasses.


I bought this racket at a 20 percent discount.

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Why don't you show it to us?

I'm not certain about anything.

Passover is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the liberation of the Jews by God from slavery in Egypt.

Sorry, old sport. I thought you knew.

We get on OK.

He's as big as I am.

They sought shelter from the rain.


Nobody knew where Mitch lived.


We've come a long way.


What kind of stupid question is that?

Moore got a casual job as a fruit picker at an orchard.

This water can be drunk without risk.


No, don't say anything!

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I want you to take me to you.

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Not at all.

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Today's flight was a rough one.


You can use it anytime.

I should've stayed.

I can see why Adam is upset.

I shouldn't have accused him of stealing the money.

Rudolph bought this camera for himself, not for his wife.

When will the circumcision party be held?

Just looking for someone to talk to.

I don't know what Adrian watches nowadays.

We're not that desperate.


Only those who risk going too far will know how far one can go.

I can't believe I did that.

Spencer has risked enough.

Do I need to go right away?

I'll carry it.


Lois kept writing.

What's Lawrence looking at?

What a beautiful sunset!

My university is different.

What time will you be back home?

We plan to invite both Shamim and Giles.

Are you thinking about him?

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His words fall on deaf ears.

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We're all cowards.

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Why are you looking for Hein?

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Philippe was pretty drunk.

Show me another example.

I need to pick out a Purim costume.

Don't be discouraged because you are not very talented.

Do you want to sit?

They are all cannibals here, except me, I'm just being eaten.

I'm looking for a gift for a friend of mine.

Are you going to go to Boston next week?

Please take your seat.

I have a brainstorm teacher.

You are not to smoke here.

I don't know how to swim either.

When he got home, his wife was frying some delicious steaks.

The stock got creamed when they got wind of the dilution.

I went to the scene of the crime.

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Dan attached wedding decorations to his car.

Lonhyn is all right.

Taking the stairs is better for your health.

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On May 6 2014, the Administration released the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA), the most authoritative and comprehensive source of scientific information to date about climate change impacts across all U.S. regions and on critical sectors of the economy.


My brother wanted to join the army but because of a heart condition he was judged unfit to serve.

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Grace hasn't arrived yet.