We often played chess.

We had expected that you would succeed this time.

They became professional soccer players.

I found the box empty.

Franklin Roosevelt became president in 1933.

This is a vital decision for the future of our country.


Sugih got lucky.

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I don't want you to be disappointed in me.

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I have very little money.

Caroline really wants to go to Boston.

Stuart will be a good teacher.

Get in the car, please.

The waves dashed against the rocks.

"C-R-O-A-K! C-R-O-A-K! Dear husband of mine, Tsarevitch Ivan, why are you so sad?" gently asked the frog.

Do you understand my problem?

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My mother told me why my father was so angry with me.


This doesn't have to happen again.

Smoke appeared.

I don't feel like eating sushi.

There used to be a police station in front of this bus stop.

Can you guess where I am right now?

That's accurate enough.

Let me check your blood pressure.

I've never done it this way before.

The girl had a large red hat on.

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John is making a lot of sense.

The circus amazed and delighted the children.

We don't know what it is yet.

She said to me, "Who arrived first?"

They are writing some letters.

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Large cracks started to develop in the concrete.


You're going to Boston next week, aren't you?


Sanand found the place he was looking for.

When he arrived, I made coffee.

Reiner is reading a book now.

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The name of Marco's car is 'Thunder Giant'.

All these smells remind me of the Christmases of my childhood.

What else did you steal?


We've got to fight fire with fire!

The hiker has reached the top of the mountain.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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She will not be ready.

Can Rodney walk?

Intellectually we know prejudice is wrong.


Johnny used to be conservative.

What did Theo decide?

Tell me what you eat, I will tell you who you are.

You were having fun, weren't you?

I like Chinese food.


You're particular.


The game won't fly away, it's fried.

Could you tell me the ETA?

Gideon went on talking.


My heart practically skipped a beat.

My brothers are under the tree.

Tell Gordon this is hopeless.


Why not take your coat off?


One acquires bad habits very easily.

Why are you singing?

So far, he has been extremely happy.

You lied to him!

I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you.

I don't know how we did it.

She expressed her sentiments on the war.

The reason Miles didn't go with us was because he didn't have enough money.

Half of the people in the office took a day off.

John was standing alone in the room with his arms folded.

You don't seem to be having any problem.


Arriving at the airport, I called her up.

Ads have to attract the attention.

This is the reason we brought you along.


Ted is handy at repairing watches.

Theo is getting wary.

A recession is bound to come next year.

I climbed over the fence.

Let's give it a shot.


Where is the butter?

Don't get married.

Would you give me a discount?

This room measures 20' X 24'.

Franklin knows how to have fun.


Roberta doesn't live in Boston.

Mark had bigger things on his mind.

What's he like? He's very nice.

You can listen to audio files by native speakers on our website.

A little sleep and I'll be as good as new.

Let some fresh air in.

Without music, the world is a valley of tears.

Shadow wouldn't even speak to me.

She works as a secretary in an office.


The police constable arrested the teenager for shoplifting.

My car is stuck in the mud. Could you help me push it out?

My opinion is somewhat conservative.

Can you hang around for a minute?

Moran told Corey he was going to leave Boston.

It was not until a few days later that the news arrived.

Sassan looks stuck.

Beckie has a nicer car than I do.

What's Joshua been up to lately?


She made a list.

I began to feel a little better.

Are you the pathologist?

I don't know a lot of things about Germany.

"Your full name, please." "Shankar Miller."

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About thirty people attended Jaime's funeral.


"And that's your gratitude for all I've done for you?" "Your past services won't be forgotten, Oliver, but your present mistakes won't be forgiven."

It is better to read a few books carefully than to read many at random.

Niels dried his hands with a towel.

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North Korea decided the time was right to invade.

Salesmen are usually fast talkers.

I don't really know how to dance.

Moses wasn't able to be here to meet you himself, so he asked me to come in his place.

Where do I sit?

She was giving a speech at the park.

Tell me what to do with it.


You're going to regret this.

This is unusual weather.

A lie said to avoid hurting someone's feelings and expectations is called a "white lie."

We went to the museum last week.

Come and I'll show you who I am.

Is this community safe?

I'm sure that she'll make good in the new job.


She came damn late.


We can only abuse of things that are good.

He was very tired, so he went to bed early.

She told me that she had bigger fish to fry.

No one is working. Everyone's watching the World Cup.

I'd like everyone to wear nice clothes.

What kind of poison did you use?

Is it love?

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She cursed him for causing the accident.

Listen to her.

We're still trying to find out where Carl lives.

"Now that I think of it, where's Tanimoto?" "Playing the lone wolf, as always."

Luther was scandalised by the sale of indulgences.

Chet's dreams came true.

They're made for each other.

I am writing a song in German.

How do I know you didn't do it?

What are those little dots?

Do you remember how we met?

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Rees is talking with Alfred.

I have almost no information about the problem.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

She wove the grass into a basket.

Lar is an only child.


His father worked as a swineherd.


Marnix hung his jacket in the hall closet.

Polly wasn't thinking straight.

At least, that's what I've been told.


When I bite down, this tooth hurts.

Nice place.

Come with me to Boston.

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Sally works full time.

Mickey took off his coat because it was getting too hot to wear it.

I will go to the sea, but you, on the other hand, will go to school.

Let's settle down, people.

They moved up and down the keys.

It's very hard to understand.

His face is known to many people.

He looked for the key.

I will make a bargain with you.

Dylan was stuck in traffic.

He would like to come with us to the movie.