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iNegotio Advisory and Services

iNegotio is a premium, one of a kind “one stop shop” company offering consultancy and providing tailored services. With a full suite of products and services, we advise our clients throughout the entire business lifecycle and value creation chain. We offer best in class advisory and services on legal, corporate finance and tax matters. Furthermore, we are committed to assist our clients make significant improvement to their organizations and increase their revenues and profits through expanding their market reach and cost reduction. We intend to be our client’s business partners and not just services providers, building mutual commitment and trust. We take pride in providing our clients with comprehensive advisory and services through the following departments:

iN Legal Advisory and Services
iN Corporate Finance Services
iNegotio`s Corporate Finance Services Department provides analysis of companies, industries and markets to thoroughly assess the investment outlook.
iN Tax Advisory and Services
iNegotio through iN Tax Advisory and Services Department is fully committed to provide high quality tax services to its clients.
iN Procurement Advisory and Services
We aim to be a leader in public procurement advisory and services by assisting clients to be competitive in the market and also win public contracts to increase their revenues.
iN Business Process Outsourcing
Considering the needs of the businesses and in order to support their growth and increase their performance we have established iN Business Process Outsourcing Department.
iNauction tool

Why iNegotio

iNegotio provides clients with tailored services and solutions to meet their specific needs. By combining the services offered by different departments of iNegotio we can deliver impressive results for our Clients on the overall performance of the company and specifically in terms of cost reduction and increase of profits.

Our most innovative service is the performance of procurement/auction events for our Clients and also the management of the advanced online procurement tool iNauction tool.

Through the above services we aim to assist you:

Save time and transform it into value;

Achieve better cost savings;

Increase spend visibility;

Improve compliance and transparency;

Reduce abusive behavior of employees and other actors involved in procurement;

Reduce paperwork and be eco-friendly.

By engaging with us you will:

Improve the overall procurement performance on purchased goods and services by accessing our best in class tool and resources without making additional investments;

Gain more freedom and flexibility to focus on core competencies of your company;

Achieve better control and reporting on compliance to vendor contracts;

Increase the profits of your company.