I had a busy day today.

He's really cool looking.

Try to get some rest.

I ate a shawarma.

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I really wish you hadn't sold our car.


Concentrate on what you're doing, not on what your classmates are doing.

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I'll see if I can't help out.

With whom did she speak?

A rubber ball bounces because it is elastic.

I am hot.

May I go home?

She has no experience in typing, nor does the skill interest her.

Siping got his notebook and pen ready.

She was accorded permission to use the library.

I've got a message for you.

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How tall is that tower?

This is my final offer. Take it or leave it.

When was the last time you changed your password?

My watch is waterproof.

Take this medicine. You will feel better soon.

It is only a few minutes away.

I broke my leg skiing.

Money can't buy you everything.

We just finished dinner.

Shyam walked back into his office.

It's easier to have fun than to work.

Tharen wants to finish eating before he talks to anyone.

It was an awful sight.


Geoffrey didn't have to tell me about what happened, but he did.

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We spoil our youngest daughter.

Syd didn't pay much attention to Russ.

This was my idea.


He's looking for someone to serve him.

I gave you my life.

I had to sign an agreement.

I'm part of the committee that's looking into that problem.

I hardly eat before lunch.

I'm a teacher of Spanish for foreigners, so believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

I have to try it.

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Thank you for your purchase.

It is no inconvenience to drive you home.

His ignorance causes her problems.


Why don't you go tell Archie the good news?

What is the weather for tomorrow?

I've never told anyone before.

I've cut myself.

Derek didn't pass the squirrel test.


First, try to confirm the timing by oscilloscope.

How will you get home?

We must strengthen the ties between our countries.


Marnix had no idea why Saqib didn't want to go out with him.

Erik is putting on makeup.

Is everything that belongs to you in that chest?


It's a very urgent matter.

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Is there anybody in there?

The number of visible stars is very great.

Randolph tried to explain why it would be a waste of time.

We'll help.

Take care of that for me, will you?


I don't like not being liked.

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I've misjudged them.

Let's hope that Sally can handle that by himself.

I want you to know that I meant every word I said.

Joyce learned to dive when he was thirteen.

The newcomers will have to compete with each other for a promotion.

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I see a book.

I dropped my apple.

He went up to her and they shook hands.

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The facts are otherwise.

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That's a question that only Rob can answer.


I believe anything is possible.

Gale is completely harmless.

It's about time we brought this party to an end, isn't it?

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He fell into the cesspool and got covered from head to toe.

With many students chatting, it was difficult to hear what the professor had to say.

When applying to American universities, your TOEFL score is only one factor.


It could take a few minutes.


Typhoon No.11 is moving up north at twenty kilometers per hour.

I think he just looked at me.

Can we not talk about it here?

Jim is an obstinate boy.

Your battery is low.

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In what respect is that true?

Connie was scared to do it.

As soon as the bell rang, Charlie headed for the door.

I'll stay home today.

Is this a different word or just another form of the same word?


Why did Roderick ask Hillel to do that?


Ah, the phone card's already running out.. See you in half an hour.

He will kill himself if he doesn't see his child.

Maureen and Leung were sitting across from each other at a table on the veranda.


Christophe has recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

We could hardly reach the shore.

The footnotes are marked with an asterisk.

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Muslims believe only in Allah as the unique God, and in Mohammad as the last prophet.

The infantryman had the rare opportunity to break his head against a tree.

I'm still mad at you.

I know a girl who is always smiling.

Do you know a delicious Korean Cuisine store?


That gives me goosebumps.

They strolled along the beach.

What are those outgrowths on the oak leaves?


He is now staying in Paris.


It happened on Halloween night.

Are they going to arrest them?

She made a face when she saw a dog.

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Don't interfere with him if you want him to like you.

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I cannot iron my clothes. I have no iron.

I will have to study harder.

I am afraid of crashing into a truck like that.

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I'm not as busy as Angela is.


Someone was coming!

Some animals eat their young.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Do you know the rules of soccer?

Mann and Maurice kept quiet.

This is my favorite book.

What! You didn't really do that?

I don't have your number.

I drank too much again.

How hard he works!

Revised didn't think Tai could fix his watch.

Be sure and call me tonight.

The hospital is next to the school.

There is none other than you to whom I can leave this.

We can get a weather bulletin every day.

I really like it, too.

Late in March 1841, his cold turned into pneumonia.


I have to wash my hands and brush my teeth.

I was late for the last train.

A few months ago I received a call from Mr Lemond.

That move was a big mistake.

Gunter looked a little bewildered.

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Did you vote in the last election?

He is just a pretty face.

Another thing to consider is the payment.

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The war situation was desperate.

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She's hedging.

Did you see him last night?

I don't feel like doing anything when it's this hot.

The bus was full of young children.

I'll tell you what it is.

I'll never get used to this.

She walked around looking for him.

You're the only one who came tonight.

I must've forgotten.


In my language, the "," is called comma, the ";" is called semicolon, ":" is called colon, "..." are called ellipsis, and this sentence ends with a period.

Lucy and I have about the same number of friends.

My girlfriend lives in New York.


There are many reasons why it is sometimes advisable not to make one's investments directly.


Maybe you didn't do it right.

The Alternative for Germany is a new political party in Germany.

I don't call this a spider; I would call it a monster.


We were so excited that we couldn't sit still.

Do you mean that you don't want me to come?

His accent betrays him to be a Frenchman.

Not all of them are present at the meeting today.

You're late.