I was embarrassed by what she said.

Could you sit over there?

He regretted having been lazy in the former term.

The combination is 10-42-30.

I thought you said Eduardo was leaving.

She came to see us yesterday.

She is quite a clever girl.

What is my room number?


Just listen to Markus.

This is the very dictionary that I have wanted so long.

Peter didn't intend to break the vase.


I'm a fan of socialism.

To be honest, I don't understand the reasons for such actions.

In all likelihood, the president will serve a second term.


That's the problem with buying wholesale.


Raj did weight training at a local gym.

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Hillary kicked me out of the kitchen.

He made a journey to Paris.

Can you show me the word in the dictionary?

Check your blanket before spreading your legs.

There were holes here and there.

The President desires peace, doesn't he?

I don't think anyone really thought Kiki was happy.

When I was in Paris, I became acquainted with two or three painters, and I went to visit their atelier from time to time. I was always fascinated by their method of work and their way of life.

I live pretty close to them.

He acted like a madman.

Donnie scored the first goal.

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Have you ever performed in a movie?

He likes to travel abroad.

He gave a short talk.

His invention is brilliant!

Rik didn't show.

My family welcomed my new boyfriend into their home with open arms.

Sean ran too fast for us to catch up with him.


She has passed away.

I didn't know Rodger would be here today.

You both want the same thing, right?


Teresa didn't have to wear a suit and tie, but he did.

As long as I'm going to be in London, I ought to see a play or two.

The hill overlooked the sea.


I'll let them know you're here.

Please turn right.

They won't detect anything out of the ordinary.

We had a very good time last night.

His sudden appearance gave rise to trouble.

The crane turns smoothly.

The human body consists, among other things, of two arms, one heart and two eyes.

Shutoku put on some clothes.

Don't you move from here.

I hate the rules.

He is not too old to do it.

Benson is a bartender, isn't he?

It took four months to write a new Constitution.

The girl snapped up the package and pointed to a little old man standing beside her.

I was born in 1988.

I love that restaurant.

Try to imagine the situation.

He would rather go by train than by plane.

She has a keen business sense.


The way she talks gets on my nerves.


Al is no saint.

The photograph is on the USB stick.

Floyd faced the media scrum.

The tyres are very sticky.

I can't find my red hat anywhere.

I was completely innocent.

I like Alex Marcelo.

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Are you going for a walk?

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The Jacksons are visiting us tomorrow afternoon.

Gregge is prepared to help us.

Everyone's looking for Loukas.


He put a cover over his car.

When did you get back from Boston?

Elite soldiers are almost always selected among the special forces.

She is nothing but a singer.

Come help me.

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No one suspected them.

I'm sure you meant that.

A protagonist as plain and ordinary as him is rare indeed.

You shouldn't have given Moran a gun.

Mott Skeleton, the ancient stage doorkeeper, sat in his battered armchair, listening as the actors came up the stone stairs from their dressing rooms.

The car key was in the glovebox.

The influence of this crime on society was great.

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Operation Yoav was a military operation carried out by Israel in its war for independence.

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He wasn't like that in the past.

A person that knows math is cool and if that person is a woman, it's even cooler.

"Did you work yesterday?" "I wish yesterday had been a holiday."

Do you have a problem with that, Clifford?

Now you're in trouble.

A telephone call from him is probable tonight.

I always liked Sharon.

We need to change over to a different system of participation.

Mike must be desperate.

I can't afford to buy a new car.

Something on that machine must be broken.

I like lyric better than epic.

If you want more details about that, you'll have to ask my boss.

You speak very beautiful French.

You have to fulfil his duties.


Their patience was about to give out.


She dropped me off at my apartment.


The local police and the FBI formulated a search plan to capture the fugitives.

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It's much too pompous for such a trivial thing.

I can hear Raul singing.

I need to make a new playlist.

Wilmer began a new life.

We will return home after one hour.

The signature was forged.

We are threshing wheat.

The bill was paid in coin.

We'll call him.

I choose to be happy.

We need to get to the wedding.

My father always sent me to school when I was little.

Ethan will have to go there.

She lost her father at sea.

This is what I've been telling you.

I want to have this dictionary most of all.

This morning the weather was so bad that I had to take a taxi.

The two countries are antagonistic to each other.

They called.

The next morning, we ate breakfast together.

Thad is so hot.

I'm making a fool of myself.

My name is Paola.

What does she think about my car?

This is one of the best restaurants in Boston.

I like soccer best.

The old man contributed a large sum of money to the poor.

Brazil is a big country with great people.

What currency would you like?

He betrayed my confidence in him.

I cooled my heels for one hour outside his office.


The bird is in its nest.

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Maybe I should also add sentences without translations? It is a very fast way of improving the popularity of one's own language.


Jimmy talked to me today.

The travel agent suggested that we take some traveler's checks with us.

I can't understand why Wolf would want to do that.


We are making plans for the holidays.

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I'll just sit here and wait for Edward.

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Liza was put in prison.


It's high time to make room for young people.


I remember the day I met Grant.

Sanity went to the tanning salon.

She couldn't do with his rude behavior.

Maria is a very polite, simple girl.

He doesn't read books, but when it comes to television, he watches it day and night.

I'm just a messenger.

Craig couldn't answer their questions.


That's what I thought in the first place.


Having lived in Tokyo, I know the city well.

The child next door has to attend three different extra classes every month.

One town has excellent sports facilities.

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Everybody thinks that they are ready for their old age.

I'll get us some coffee.

It seems very interesting.

I work in a hospital laboratory.

Please tell me who some of the famous musicians in your country are.

The creek's to our right.

Satisfied, he smiled.

Get her out of my sight.

Weather permitting, I'll go fishing in a river.

You know that your English is good when people stop complimenting you on how good your English is.

Let's see what fate has prescribed.

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Go upstairs right now and clean your room.

Why do you use this font?

Marriage is a community consisting of a master, a mistress and two slaves, making in all, two.