How would you like to live in Tokyo?

Truman arrived at the White House within minutes.

Her parents both died.

Children often try to imitate their elders.

No one was really surprised.

Can Marika read and write Japanese?

Dorothy condemns you.

I knew we could count on him.


He was born in the 19th century.

He learns fast.

The poachers stole some turtle eggs.


What a crazy day!

In our house there are two cats: one white and the other black.

Do you want me to open the box?

They needed no money.

How many rooms do you have?


This is a nematode worm.

What kind of songs does Martha sing at karaoke?

You may fail, for all I care.

Let's just go find her.

You're a little too old for me.

Out of all the people at your school, who do you like the most?

Do you think that men and women can ever just be friends?

Mehrdad had a lot on his mind, so he wasn't paying enough attention to his driving.

I feel compelled to lie.


The video shows him chugging an entire bottle of whiskey (God rest his soul).

Finish your homework by the time they return.

Bread and circuses.

School begins at nine.

Will the train leave on time?

What colour is this flower?

Some words don't exist on Tatoeba.

For all our efforts, things have not turned out better.

She visited him on October 20th.

They had me waiting for over half an hour.

Fix your room, Louie.

You know him, I think.

What time do you have supper?

Rees said he had plenty of friends in Boston.

Soon you'll know everything.

Can I borrow your jump drive?

Duke thinks he has found the answer.

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She seemed to be avoiding him.

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Kris scrubbed his feet.


The uprising was brutally suppressed.

No gratuity accepted.

We've met before.

Nearly 10,000 athletes live in the Olympic village.

You must not read such books as will do you harm.

The whole place was simply blotted out with the snow.

The man walking over there is our teacher.

Siegurd seemed to think we would be late.

I'm not even a little hungry.


Both sides had to compromise with each other.

He has not seen much of the world.

One crow doesn't peck another's eye.


The loss of money made it impossible for him to go abroad.

What's that, little cat? Would you like some sour cream?

When are you going to return home?

Catherine went back upstairs.

I remember no such thing.


That's why I'm here today.

Don't take your eyes off Jennifer.

Who would have been your sweetheart if I had never met you?


Who is your dad?


We will include the usual acknowledgments.

I have bigger fish to fry.

Earnie cries easily.


Some of us have to work this weekend.

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Do snakes bother you?

I deleted my Facebook account.

You don't worry.


I hate myself because I'm ugly.


Predictably, he crashed and burned.

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What does that have to do with the price of beans in China?

Please drop in when it is convenient for you.

Welcome to this brand new week!


I take my camera with me wherever I go.

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You still haven't told me what to do.

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She was anxious lest she might miss the train.

Don't complicate the problem by raising new issues.

A bird shat on Vladimir Vladimirovich.

I'm doing this with or without you.

Do you have a search warrant?

You should've apologized to Cole.

She's the love of my life.

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You should tell me what to do.


He commented on his unsuccessful business negotiation.

The room is very cold.

I hereby declare the opening of the Olympic Games.

There must have been some more tea in the pot.

I ran all the way, otherwise I could not have caught the train.

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I've had enough of this mess.

This may take a minute.

I think we have a gas leak.

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Did you bring everything we asked you to?

That was bad.

I'll be there in thirty minutes.

I thought Adam was unemployed.

Didn't Susumu say he had something to tell Ted?

I cannot assemble this engine. I have no experience.

He is a frank person and easy to talk to.

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She likes composers of the classical era, such as Mozart or Beethoven.

I congratulate you on the day of the programmer.

Marnix got bored quickly.

A tiger surprised by a hedgehog will bow before the chestnut burrs.

That was a question I should've asked before.


Something is asked of me.

I'm meeting him in ten minutes.

I forgot to take my bag.

Spock doesn't realise how his behaviour affects others.

You have to learn how to ride a horse.

So, we all have time, because with no exception all of us live in the present moment, in the now.

Mikael gave me this tie.

This movie is rated PG-13.

I am almost 40 years old and I am still single.

Half a million children still face malnutrition in Niger.

What size are these shoes?

Randy began attending AA meetings regularly.

That reads two different ways.

Fortunately, Jim knows what the problem is.

We'll do better tomorrow.

To our disappointment, our team lost the game.

It is said that a new restaurant was constructed.

Our business is doing great.

Nikolai seems to have a lot of fun trying to cause as much trouble as he can.


Don't touch anything.


Nothing's going to happen to you if you do as you're told.

Can I have a bite?

Will you show me your new word processor today?


His skin is as firm as a teenager's.

Florian came by himself.

Everything's under control.


I don't want to sound pessimistic.

Science without conscience is only the ruin of the soul.

She couldn't hold back her laughter.

What happened to all our money?

Case isn't as sure about this as Jay is.

How much is the whole package?

You are - do not be angry, please - a strange communist.

I'm staying pretty busy.

You're talking to yourself and about yourself. It's called "projection."


Besides being a businessman, he is a musician.

Due to the friction generated between a meteor and the atmospheric gases, most meteors burn up before hitting Earth's surface as a meteorite.

Some of the balls are yellow.

I've been told I snore.

Why are you helping Milo?

His policy puts the accent on national welfare.

Why didn't you wake me up?


Whoever comes, don't open the door.

We have a contract.

I didn't know you wanted to work for me.

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He asked, "Do you love me?"

There is a little chill in the air.

He attached the trailer to his car.


Humans originated in Africa.


It wasn't easy for me to admit that I was wrong.


How energy efficient is that?


It's nice to see her so happy.

I'm your doctor.

There's no way to know who's coming.

I'm sure I can help you.

Paola and Harmon are neighbors.