He vividly depicted the confusion following the earthquake.

She dabbled with drugs.

Is this one of the local hot spots?

Don't tell me to mellow out.


Man is a thinking reed.

Merat may use my bicycle if he wants to.

This doesn't make much sense.

Rajesh's had his house painted.

What happened to the other one?

She was kind enough to give me advice.

Have you already spent the money Ira gave you?

You must be tired.

I have been occupied in reading books.

Customs vary from region to region.

His martial arts prowess has already reached a level of sublime perfection.


It was not until yesterday that I heard about the accident.

We will pester him with heaps of questions.

That's an old American custom.


I believe that she has never told a lie.

Foreign books are sold at the shop.

Ken went as far as Aomori this summer.

We set out for home.

Might I express my opinion?

Benjamin, I can't really talk right now.

Bill Gates is often considered the world's richest man.

My fever won't go away.

The last few days have been very rainy.

I cannot sleep in the street. It's too cold.

There were a lot of murders last year.


He is to phone me this afternoon.


I'm glad I could be of help.

That is the main street of this city.

Basset hounds are gentle dogs.


We helped him financially.


You're all I've got.

He isn't a man to take a bribe.

Jack's car is a recent model.

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He is an industrious student to the best of my knowledge.

The poor little girl did nothing but sob all day.

If you don't want to listen, cover your ears.

He is a friend and I treat him as such.

She grew up to be a veterinarian.


I've got to go to the office for a few hours today.

Dory is very angry with her sister.

There's always more to learn.

These new computers can crunch data faster than ever.

Who was absent from school last week?

She has asked the man at the hotel desk to get her the number.

I could've married her.


This is a difficult problem to solve.

Glory to the King of creation.

I'm telling the truth now.

Dominic read the news.

He's studying now.

We both know what happened.

The product was not taken out of the box.

We started talking on Facebook.

I'm going to show you something.

He came in through the window.

She felt regret for having been rude to him.

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Please remember that.

He no longer has a sore elbow.

I told you to be home by midnight.


Can we talk about what happened that day?

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Do you want to spoil the best moment in my life?

I don't care whichever you choose.

Have I done something wrong?

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Stay out of sight.


We have to look the future straight in the eye and prepare to get through the coming crisis.

We appreciated your helping out.

Half the world knows not how the other half lives.

Heinrich's hand swelled up and went purple after he was bitten by something in the garden.

I sold the car.

Driving for one and a half hours to get to work is a bear.

He departed from the old custom.

Is it okay with you?

And don't tempt me.


It's a dead end.

I passed every single test.

Do you enjoy walking on the beach?

They kept silence.

Join me with them in their movement.

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No road is long with good company.

We want to remain like we are now forever.

I don't look forward to going to school.

That pole is not quite vertical.

Matthew said he couldn't walk.


I can see why Rolfe is upset.

I can do no other than agree with all that you have said.

Antonella told me that she wants to meet my parents.

The current pulled his boat toward a deserted island.

I'm not so sure of that.


I told you to go home.

Josh sat across the table from Rayan.

Although fatalities tend to be rare, many people died as a result of volcanic eruptions during the last quarter century.

Both of them are teachers.

What about having fish for dinner?

Food supply shows steady improvement.

The apples are not on the table.

Are you faithful?

I've felt better.

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Heavy sound is being looked for.

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Bruce is a short, heavy man.


I'll get back to you about them.


She closed her eyes.

Greg ordered Perrier.

Which high school do you attend?

We're meeting up tomorrow?

It's about time you set about cleaning the table.

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The dirty boy turned out to be a prince in disguise.

I narrowly escaped being hit by a car.

Hang on tight.

We're working to fix this bug.

He returned from the office.

I'm pretty sure the first thing you'll want to do when you get to Boston is call home.

This isn't exactly what I wanted.

I'm a lot younger than Tollefsen.

I found that the machine was of no use.

We had to react quickly.

Maybe we should try harder.

His heart bled for his lost friend.

The hypnotist was able to put his subject into a trance.

I don't want you to do another thing.

I drank too much and was unsteady on my feet.

The trouble is not with impure politics, but that the whole game of politics is rotten.

That's a great story.

I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding.

Jin is the only trumpet player I know.


Omission is a perfectly good example of an expression technique, and is brought up in many grammar books.

A bottle of water goes for 5 francs in Bastions Park!

Rolfe agrees with Brad up to a point.


About this time tomorrow, we will be in London.

I can't believe that Taurus was in on it.

This vehicle eventually became a successful family car.

An aging population will require more spending on health care.

Jerrie is a reasonable man.

I've been in contact with him.

I met Tal today.

She entered her room.

We're all done here.

Roy thinks that if he had tried a little harder, he could have won the race.

Do you want some cheese?

Evelyn told us you couldn't be trusted.

Why do you like coffee strong?

I'd prefer to win, but I don't mind losing.

Will you hand the papers around?

The fatal stabbing was sparked by an argument that got out of control.

I love being married.


He's completely gone mad.


I'm all yours.

Naomi doesn't care what other people say about him.

Have you got over the shock?

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I suppose Roberta might not do what we asked him to do.

I didn't think Lanny was so selfish.

Thomas made friends with Laurent.


It made me very sad.

Is it dangerous?

When you submit a quote, it's best to enter the author's name as a tag or, if you can't, in a comment.

I even wrote a letter to Lance.

Those are my books.

We awoke to the sound of birds chirping in the trees outside our room.

Germany and Japan were defeated.

I like living with David.

Are you in some kind of trouble?

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A large ship appeared on the horizon.

Prices are competitive.

Nothing new.


I love that idea.