I expect this to be a miserable experience. Possibly as a response to living in Cambridge and possibly due to a cultural overlap between hydroponics and the organic/eat local/farm movement, the choice of produce is very differetn from the ingredients I'm used to. I'd never heard of quinoa before the last year, but at the same time apples, bananas, tomatoes, corn, and wheat that I am used to are difficult or impossible to grow hydroponically.


Goal: To create a description or metric to plan the outfitting of a long-term extreme settlement using hydroponics.

Approach: I wish to start by creating a spreadsheet that performs a row-column rotation between growth duration and a daily menu schedule to converge on a space-efficient and tim-efficient growth schedule for food that is minimally bareable to eat.

I have decided to begin with the cookbook The Vibrant Table by Anya Kassoff for a number of reasons:

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