The Characters
The Characters
A heroic band of cows: Henry, Copper, Sweet Brown, Matilda and El Toro, must team up to save their beloved farm from the forces of evil. Trained in Ninja fighting by a witch woman in the bayou, they must steal a magic potion while escaping from the pursuing Zombie Hoard and the voracious World Eater, which is devouring the landscape.
The GamePlay
Ninja Cow Run Gameplay
Run as fast as you can through six different environments while avoiding obstacles, collecting milk and power ups. And a surprise Power up item, the Mushroom. Use these abilities to speed up and become invincible, shield yourself against harm or simply gather more milk. The choice is yours. Let’s hope you have what it takes to survive.
Ninja Cow Run Backstory
The pigs are doing voodoo in the swamp and the barnyard is overrun with zombies. The Ninja Cows steal a magic potion to help them save the farm, but first they must escape from the Zombie Hoard which is in hot pursuit, and the voracious World Eater, which threatens to destroy everything. There is no safe place to hide.