She is at the top of her class.

Hold him down.

I think you did great.

That was too easy.

You're not ready yet.

The company had to let many of its employees go.


Where were your parents?

Thank you for the introduction.

I'm interested in helping her.

Tell Huey he has to wash the dishes.

All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

Tell me truly what you think.

What did Sam say happened?

This site is all about faggots.

African elephants have less hair than Asian elephants.


I think this is very dangerous, and in general, a bad idea.


He confessed that he had committed the crime.

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Srikanth asked Curt to buy a gift for John.

He stood in an upright position.

Stop frowning your forehead!

Shean, could I have a word with you?

I got lost when I visited you for the first time.

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That is why I got up early this morning.

Brandi hollered at Jarmo.

Wet clothes cling to the body.

I feel bad for those people.

What do you think you're doing here?

Did you slash Andre's tires?

Where did you hear that story?


She moved to the West Coast.


Did you give Takayuki that dog?

Please knock before you come in.

You can believe it.


Write a poem with three four line stanzas.


I'm not convinced at all.

Would you please call me up at five o'clock?

Vicky didn't keep Benson waiting too long.

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Dirk waited for half an hour.

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Dawn shut one window and Wolf shut the other.

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Thanks for doing all this.

Karl is easily startled.

We respect him as a good senior.

I can teach you how to fly.

It doesn't seem quite right.


You have to investigate that problem.

Sergeant is trying to reason with Spudboy.

We don't know much about Mahesh.

There's Jess.

The dishes are piling up in the sink.

I smell something burning in the kitchen.

I couldn't get warm enough.

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The Green party is protesting loudly against nuclear power.


Most experts think a lot of his theory.

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That was your plan.

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I haven't met him yet.


She's a bad influence.


Does this come in any other colour?

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Were my letters sent?

What do you want me to ask them?

Formal declarations of war haven't been the United States's style since 1942.

Would you forgive me?

We would be prepared to grant you a special discount of 5% for the quantity of 10 sets of STL#3456.


Would you please bring up another pillow?

I was married here.

I once dated a girl just like Amigo.


Eli said he wished to speak to you himself.

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Do you guys have any big plans tonight?

I want to get closer to you.

I'm sorry, but I'd like to order.

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Let's go inside.

I thought you were going to talk to Sanford about it.

Johnny got leave to go home.

That'll be inconvenient.

I'd like to study German, but I don't have the time.


I am very happy that you have agreed to that plan.


The chances are that he will succeed.

Vince thought you were busy.

I have no time to help you with the work.


Tricia is a cute kid.


How long do you plan to stay in this country?


Supper is a simple meal.

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I feel at peace with myself now.


I believe we spoke on the phone.

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Weddings are expensive.

Are you just going to sit here?

My leg is broken.

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A dead leaf fell to the ground.

Is the water included in the rent?

Hasn't Hilda done enough already?

He's a powerful demon.

What's on Fox Movies?

I'd like to introduce my good friend Luis.

I can't speak English, much less German.


No one thinks Michiel will win the race.

On Monday, the Pierson Publishing House will launch an ambitious advertising compaign for Real Life, a highly anticipated new novel from Korea.

Tell her to pick up the phone.

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Go away.

They caught a lot of fish at the river.

Dr. Ride was committed to promoting science and math education to all learners.

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Japanese industry has made great advances since the war.

I bought a lot of books.

I called Pratt on his cell.


You grew up with too much materialism, and now you envy your neighbours.

Please reply by telex.

I think I'll go buy something to eat.


Did you read them?

How were you able to find Werner so fast?

The picture was wonderful.

What are you up to now?

I've been there already.

A computer spell checker could also eliminate most typing mistakes.

It is to his advantage.

It was careless of me to do something like that.

I'm not able to speak so fast.


I've tried it and it works like a dream.

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What's more, he's started walking.

The children got lost in the woods.

The new model will be priced at $12,000.


I'm a really glad this thing turned out OK.

I'm assuming you haven't talked to Eric yet.

Your substitute has already been picked out.


She knows this.

Pull it open.

I'd like to exchange this book for another one.

The train approached the town.

Johann thinks there's a good chance that Anderson will say yes.

I love it when they leave the curtains open.

My son took an early interest in politics.


I think we shouldn't get involved.

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As soon as Jim got home, he crawled into bed.


It was a joke.

Will cracked his knuckles.

I think I might buy that house on Park Street that's for sale.

Can you get that to me by the end of the day?

He complimented me.

I'd prefer not to get involved at this stage, thank you.

Let's get together for a game of chess.


He knows how to sharpen knives.

I guess having zero shame is the price of genius.

Can you stop her?

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"It will be all right, Russ." "No, it won't, Aaron. It won't."

Tai might be wrong.

Who will marry me? Only the future can say.

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Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.

I can't bring myself to help him.

Are you ready to go?

A thief steals for a long time, but eventually he will hang.

It feels pretty amazing.

How would you respond?

They seem to make nothing of the problem.

Her clarinet squeaked, and the entire audience laughed.

I'm going to be a doctor.