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In seahorses it's the male that gets pregnant.


It's true that he fell in love with her.

Columbus Day should be remembered as the "Day of Indian Resistance".

I love turtles.

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She hired a private detective to inquire into the case.

You're much thinner than you used to be.

Please raise your hand before you speak.

If it gets boring, I'll go home.

That would've been a good start.

She can't have written it herself.

He drives without licence.

Shirley likes to watch soccer.

Guido sat patiently.

Does Vic look upset?

Curb extensions force traffic to slow down.

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Everyone believed us.

The article is terrible.

I missed a period.

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As far as I know, the novel is not translated into Japanese.

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The victim is thought to have taken a large quantity of poison by mistake.

Israel bought a fake Gucci handbag.

You seem to speak French fluently.

What should I tell Murthy now?

Tommy shut the door to his room.


The enemy is weak.

Give me the key to this lock!

They're going to kill her.

We should be talking to them.

I know we're a little early.

Don't you know I'm going out with Jennie?

I would've sent you money.

I'll find it sooner or later.

The girl was wearing pink panties.

Hume sure is lucky.

They don't like him.


Dad's gone to China; he isn't here now.

I don't mind if it's hot and spicy.

As Danielle sat down, he bumped the table and his coffee spilled onto the tablecloth.


I didn't know what I should say to Kee.

Why can't we just be friends?

Give my regards to your parents.


This is part of the problem.

She put on an assumption of ignorance.

Don't drive under the influence.


Jesus practically accused me of being a traitor.

To make matters worse, it began to rain.

I don't understand Dutch, because it's difficult.

A horseshoe and a four-leaf clover bring good luck.

Tommy smiled reassuringly.


I'd rather not meet him.

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Malloy was barefoot.


What kind of stupid question is that?

You are the only one.

You must persevere before you can accomplish anything great.

You had a big fight with Kevan last night, didn't you?

You can't speak English with 100 words.

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Hurf should call a lawyer.

A woman was hanging the washing on the line.

They begin losing copious amounts of hair.

I know about everything that's going on.

I was there with him.

I'll be there, although I may be late.

We rode up in the elevator together.

I can't get anybody to help me.

I'm looking for a place to sit.

We've been given another chance.

I didn't know how many to get.

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She stood close to him.

Terry had a crush on Ofer when he was in junior high school.

Are you good at skiing?


A book can excite.

My battery is flat.

Nicolas and Jan had a baby girl.


Gail flew to Boston last Monday.

I'm staying.

Keep your own counsel!


He claims to be a friend, but it not such.

We haven't met for ages.

Curtis can't speak French without making mistakes.

I don't want everybody on the Web to be able to access my photos.

As far as I know, this is the latest edition.

Actually, I'm kind of busy.

Some people like to travel alone.

If you do your study at all, do your best.

The storm did great damage to her property.


The majority of my patients come to me from out of town.

As for me, I have nothing to say at present.

Russia shouldn't change its national anthem so often.

That boy is sad. He has tears in his eyes.

I used to do a lot of volunteer work.

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It's the most beautiful night I've seen since I can remember.

Chet fell.

What's her occupation?

Your speech is appropriate for the occasion.

I already have one.

One evening a man came to my house.

I saw her for a moment, but then lost sight of her in the crowd.


Tell me where you went.

I exchanged stamps with him.

I have never loved you.


I already told you that a hundred times.

The airplane soon went out of sight.

Vidhyanath is being held prisoner somewhere.

I know the type.

Connie has made a lot of mistakes.

I can eat.

It's good that you were able to achieve your goals.


Little did I dream that I would see you here.

I just need five minutes.

Are you winning?

If you don't want to talk, you don't have to.

I saw through his little game.

If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll end up in jail.

I've had a cold for one week, and I still haven't got better.

That's the building where Dad works.

I'm going to be fluent in Spanish in two months, I swear!


Valeria wants to know how he can lose weight.

The food in jail was better.

She has talent in writing.

I moved back in with my parents.

Shane returned to Boston.


How is your host family?

It's just an empty box.

Kiki seems reasonable enough.

Didn't you read the reports?

Does anybody here speak French?

Dwayne told Rolfe that he wanted to break off the engagement.

The hostages are all still alive.

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You're a new student?


Speaking French is easy for me.


That's why I'm not surprised.


I'll get hold of you tomorrow and set up a time.

I have a son Marcel's age.

Although a few countries have laws that permit physician-assisted suicide in some circumstances, physician groups generally oppose such legislation when it is proposed.


She was vaccinated against polio.

I became a member of the club ten years ago.

Rodney thinks you're lying.

The key is on the table.

Bite down on the cotton roll.

I love purple.

Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for best actor for his role as Hugh Glass in The Revenant.


My stomach is rumbling.

We can't leave Boston until we finish this job.

They don't look so busy, do they?

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She drank the expired milk.

I'm pretty sure Bruno can swim.

She was clothed in wool.

If he is not ill, he will come.

The book you gave me is very interesting.


Micheal was very angry with Syun and it took her a long time to placate him.


I was in the library.


I put my hand on her shoulder.

Jesse has likely gone out.

I am a journalist of the highest standards and integrity. I hate dishonesty.

He seldom gives his wife presents.

She's caused me a lot of trouble.

After that newspaper wrote that no farmer wanted to work as a tenant in Vestfold, interest has skyrocketed.

I gave my old clothes for the church flea market sale.


So we love sentences. But, even more, we love languages.

Is that what it was?

How long has Raphael been around?

The umbrella is also a cane sometimes.

Some animals are active at night.