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Yesterday, she took her own life.

My grandfather lived to be ninety.

From year to year, pollution problems are becoming more and more serious.


This book is translated into 36 languages and has been published in more than a 100 countries all over the world.

Dominick came to my office on Monday.

Tell Joon to hurry.

He was indeed very stubborn but, on the other hand, trustworthy.

I appreciate what you did for me.

Ask him to wait till I come.

They have been here for an hour.


We were absent.

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She attracted our attention.


Farouk is at home today.


Look what I found.


I need you here tomorrow.

The house there belongs to me.

Would the girls please bring the donation boxes up to the stage?

What happened to the car?

I didn't realize what time it was.

Her predictions have come true.

Lee has information that we need.

Jorge and Dave's main problem is they can't find a place to live.

They arrived in Paris at the same time.

Dawson was sure Fritz was lying.

The mountains are a lush green in summer.

"Come, boy," she called, "come and play."

Thomas is very clever at work.

Do you smell something unusual?

Violence does not pay, and never will.

They flunked their exams.

My eyes popped out when I looked at my phone bill this month.

I appreciate the updates.

That country is rich in mineral resources.

It occurred to me that he had done it on purpose.

When will you have an opportunity to see me?

No one approved the proposal.

I don't even know where to start.

Their plot to start a fire was discovered by the police.

Eva was dead drunk.

Could you please repeat what you just said?

Josip couldn't understand why Panos wasn't very good at cooking.

I have three times as much money as you.

Take off your jacket.


Your faces are all too familiar to me, but I can't remember your names.


Margie has recently become forgetful.

What's the closest planet to the sun?

I can't write in Chinese.


Can one be honest without appearing arrogant?

Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything.

You attend conferences abroad.


All I wanted was to make you happy.

He is as kind as ever.

Kerri doesn't have the money to buy a car.

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The baby fell into the well.

Triantaphyllos wants to know how he can lose weight quickly and safely.

Try to do so as far as the station.

She is less beautiful than her mother is.

The cola made my tongue tingle.

This is an important time.

Scientist's pleas to introduce fish quotas were ignored for too long.

We are planning changes to the manufacturing process.

I'm going to open the wine and let it breathe.

Screw you!

Ric showed Isabelle the chart.


My dog is blind, but he loves to go out for a walk.


The tourist office is open from nine o'clock to one o'clock.

I'm friends with her brother.

Calvin has the information Olivier needs.

The company suffered a 15% drop in sales.

I think we should stop here.


We'll do exactly as you suggest.


There's a helicopter waiting for us on the roof.

He sleeps during the day and works at night.

Water is indispensable to us.

Their married life did not run smoothly.

Maybe we're too late.

I met a girl.

Rand tipped the bellboy.

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Fear does not help when it comes to death.

Everyone can't be a winner.

She took a bubble bath.

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Aren't you one of Mahmoud's lawyers?

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Yes, I'll call you at nine. Will you be there?

You won't have a reason to not want to get on it.

Everyone knows that.

It's perfectly legal.

I was absent-minded momentarily.


In 2010, there was a shortage of H1N1 vaccine.

Mayst thou never learn who thou art.

If you want me to be quiet, just ask.

Some people are so anal about everything that they'll one day completely disappear up their own asshole.

Old people look back on the past too much.


She's an undergrad.

What was it you asked me?

I'm tired of waiting to do all the things I want to do.

Be satisfied!

I'm going to go to the bathroom.

The children were delighted to see their grandparents whom they had not seen for quite a long time.

Pontus has no intention of doing that.


In general, women tend to live ten years longer than men.

Funeral pomp is more for the vanity of the living than for the honor of the dead.

You are a Canadian.

Come and see us.

Even Tareq looked surprised.

Your father is a gorilla.

May I have a glass of wine, please?

Ricardo is giving out flowers.

Nobody's taking a bath right now.

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I succeeded in getting what I wanted.

I wish I'd brought an umbrella with me.

It took me several hours to open it.


I fell for it.


Without your help, he would fail.


The Age of Dinosaurs occurred long ago.

I want to cook for you.

The snow's a foot deep.

Van left the next morning.

I didn't know what else to say to Nancy.

I almost won.

It might not be worth much, but you have my support.

You are not more stupid because you don't get up earlier.

I feel like I understand your feelings.

Land prices are sky-high in Japan.

Mr White punished the boy for cheating on the examination.

Are you a student here?

What's that thing called?

Dan didn't even touch Linda.

Jos doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination.

Are you relaxed?

I know what you've done.


Please, where's the closest travel agency?

Jean-Pierre left Ramadoss and John alone momentarily.

You're smarter than I ever was.


She laid hands on her own child.

I get awkward talking to girls.

Having fun keeps you young.

What do they have in mind?

It seems that the news was false.

She plays tennis after school.

It's okay. I won't bite.

I can assure you of your success.

This country has an aging population.


Maarten found his new job interesting.

Our project crashed and burned.

In order to compensate for the country's aging population, the government has decided to take steps to significantly increase birth and immigration rates.

It's not up for debate.

If you have a problem with that, talk to the boss.

I can't meet Al now.

Has anybody heard from her?

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I didn't intend to alarm you.

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Kristen finally made it to the top of the stairs.

I convinced Rogue to give a speech.

I'm free every day but Monday.

You do not wash.

Are you and Elliott working together?

There were flocks of people on the beach.

Keep an eye on my suitcase while I buy the tickets.

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I was born in Israel in 2002.


The factory has laid off some three hundred workers.

We want to make sure.

The truth of the matter is dawning on him.

Until when shall you tell us off?

Is this your locker?


It covers everything from the fundamentals of microbiology to the latest news.


I never visit my sister.