They were having marriage problems.

The boy is mad for a bicycle.

Urs told me he needed to borrow three hundred dollars.

They released her.

This is the first time I've ever fed Ken's dog.

Helen is rather slow.

All of our meetings are in French.

We are traveling to France by air.


We saw your truck on the road.

What kind of movies do you prefer?

We don't think it's serious.

It's the class bell. The pupils that had been around the school gate quickened their steps as one.

He lives hand to mouth and never saves a cent.

Thanks for taking care of all of this.

Annard knows what he likes.

Ethan started yelling.

I was born in May.

Mikey is my son's best friend.

We have a meeting.

There's no one here to help us fix the problem.

They beat the door in.

My computer's acting up.

He only spoke German.

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Will you have some more tea?

Do you think the accused is really guilty of the crime?

What a collection!

I buy the texts, but first I start writing the English sentences that come along without looking at them.

Listen to your heart.

Detective Dan Anderson interviewed Linda.

I saw an old friend of yours this afternoon.

A terrible demon lives in the forest.

He let rip.


I should've stayed with her.

I yelled for help.

Winnie would never do that.

Be careful. Don't throw away those papers.

Shadow turned away.

Could you explain this diagram to me?

I'd like to introduce my good friend Luis.

I'll go anywhere you want.

Kevyn has been in movies and on TV.


Devon didn't know Mason had a brother.


The city is surrounded by a wall.

The human eye is blind to nearly the entire electromagnetic spectrum, except for the very narrow range of light that falls in what we call the visible range.

We must especially beware of that small group of selfish men who would clip the wings of the American Eagle in order to feather their own nests.

A secret fan sent her flowers every morning.

No one told me about that.

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Raphael says that he detests war.


Tell her that I am mopping the kitchen.

I don't know what more I can do for Srivatsan.

She patted her hair into shape.


I won't leave you alone with Sylvan.


American bombers attacked Japan's largest cities with napalm.


No and Butler liked their jobs.


Allen showed us his stamp collection.


She is a woman of great beauty.


Is that not normal?


He let go of her hands and his voice grew serious.

How many specimens can the public see at the Smithsonian Institution?

I tried to help.

A hare raced with a tortoise.

She patted her hair into place.

Are they sleeping together?

Rumor of a riot was in the air.

I'm experiencing the same issue.

Thierry emptied the wastebasket into the incinerator.

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He's sitting next to his brother.

What am I supposed to do with them?

You don't have to thank us.

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What was going on?


You don't want to be late.


There's somebody at the door.

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Bats use echolocation.

Magnus oiled my roller skates for me.

I can't find my glasses.

Deal the cards, Gerard.

Looking back on our college days, it seems as if they were a century ago.

I never would've shot you.

You got distracted.

Let's get out of this place.

Tickets are required at the door.

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Jesse coaxed the mouse out of the hole in the wall with a piece of bread.


I could've gone last week.

I want to know when you'll be back.

You were clearly mistaken.


Am I supposed to believe any of that?

The spring is rich in flowers, the autumn - in abundant fruits.

He could learn without instruction.

My older brother had a position in a large company.

You think you're just an old man!

Valerie is a good songwriter.

He tried to pull a fast one on me.

The message is clear.

I wish I could break the habit of smoking.

Have you ever been to Boston before?

It's six o'clock.

Do you like the colours?

What little guidance I had I owe to a young man.

I thought you were going to say that.

Trust your intuition.

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I'm happy to hear you say that.

Stanley arrived back home safely.

You as well as he are diligent.


I'm sorry I told them anything at all.


You don't have to work with Julian.

I forgot my whatchamacallit in the taxi.

I sounded him out about his views.


His objective is to pass the test.


I want you all out of here.

Tell me if you're going to give it to him or not.

Experience brings wisdom.

Diana wants his umbrella back.

Whose wine is this?

Please wait until I come back.

He freely praised her.


I suppose I can ask him.

I'm glad you were able to meet Dalton.

Do you know why Rayan left Boston?

I'd appreciate that.

What's your major?

I have booked a table for four.

Donne was partly right.


Tell me a little about Sridharan.

Look at the evidence.

The artists who succeed best in doing so.

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Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.


Everybody else is coming, too.

Seymour has been around for a while.

He's always broke at the end of the month.

The price of real estate has been rising abnormally in Japan.

My father had me wash the car.

They are waiting for you in front of the door.

Andreas helped save me a few bucks by telling me about a cheaper place to buy one.

I know you're frustrated.

I was forced to accept his proposal.


This kind of thing happens.

My uncle died of lung cancer.

I'm kind of full.


The question is whether she can be trusted.

The traffic accident delayed the cars last night.

I did not think that he would help us.


Did something happen to you?

She ignored the fact that he is ill.

I would like to make an offering to myself.

The plan has failed.

Is there any app for that?


I will go through that trouble again.

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I trust we're all alone.

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This all worked reasonably well inside my own head but at the time I was only four, an age at which apparently I wasn't even speaking yet except to express basic needs.

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His failure to observe traffic regulations resulted in a serious accident.

Would you tell Walter that Marcia called?

Tim thought Wolfgang would die an old maid.


Who knows where he has gone.

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You need to take responsibility for what you've done.

Adolescence is a period of transition between childhood and adulthood.

My head is spinning.

Are you still in love with Knapper?

You prefer tea to coffee.


That's sad for you.