Do you two want to be alone?

You must think this is funny.

It doesn't mean what you think it means.


I can't hear what you're saying.


I've only just begun.

I didn't mean to hurt them.

Sandra offered me her seat on the train.

He has a disappointed look on his face because he knows that his grade went down.

Philippe isn't in right now.

I'm not able to translate this sentence.

Please move to the rear of the bus.


Would anyone like some coffee?


Your moon returns.

My canker hurts, so I can't really eat.

I really don't know that woman.

I'd rather that we break up.

Matti knows better than to throw rocks at the other children.

I never blamed you.

Joseph Smith had to move his people many times.

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Space and Nora took turns standing guard.


I'm glad to hear of your success.

The prices will come down.

Jerry is a very honest man. You can always take him at his word.


Duane said that you were very mean and hateful to her.

Listen to me, he said coldly, my father was the king of Kakongo.

I move around a lot.

My parents leave for New Zealand next Saturday.

I don't recognize the number.

I'd like to have a word with you on another matter.

I'm trying to find him.


Excuse me, but do you mind if I ask your name?


Go have some fun.

Eddie understood.

I pray God to bring these men to their senses.

Have you ever worked with them?

I thought that you already had a place to stay.

If you'll get a needle and thread, I'll sew your button on.

Juan won't ask you to dance.

I do think this isn't good.

Next year my birthday will fall on Sunday.


Absolute privacy on Facebook is an illusion. It doesn't exist in reality.


I think you deserve some credit.

I was dealt a good hand.

She wanted to go into the carriage.


Have you done all your homework?


We'd be happy to accommodate you.

Raphael is a very personable guy.

Maybe one day you could show me how it's done.


I thought you knew them.


A very good thing happened today.

I hope he will come up with a new and good idea.

That's how she likes it.


My father brought me here by car.

I'm not at all happy now.

Welcome to Boston, everybody.

Rajesh didn't need to do that.

It allowed of no delay.

Clare cut Hume off.

Can you manage to lift this box?


We have snow on the mountain all the year round.

I can't move my right leg.

My father was absent from his office yesterday.


He has bad eyesight.

The plants suffered damage from the frost.

My cat loves scratching my waterbed.

We'll be in a fine mess.

That's one of mine.

He accepts gifts from students.

The ship approached the shore by degrees.

I'd like to sit near the front.

I want to workout.

You are mad.

I had not waited ten minutes before Cindy came.

I'm beginning to lose my patience.

I can't adopt your view.


I'll have a drink.

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The spectators cheered the players on.

I've been waiting here nearly three hours.

Blake unlocked the closet.


I'll give him your message when he comes.

Let me look at this again, OK?

Pierette isn't from Boston.

All the furniture in the room was all worn out.

Corpora provide a rich resource for investigating language.

I didn't know that he could speak English.

The wind is blowing from the south.

Vincent and Louise must be married by now.

If you're going to do this, you'd better hurry.


I liked them before they were popular.

He dropped to one knee and lowered his head.

The amount of time spent asleep can vary from person to person.


What is man? Anyway, not what he likes to think he is: the crowning glory of creation.

Wendell drew a house and a tree.

Laurie showed up early so he could get a good seat.

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I thought you liked her.


We are doing something.

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Conrad isn't afraid of hard work.

I truly regret that.

Ram and Piet would both like that.

Man has two feet.

Tim does much better than Amos does at school.


Are you coming to my party?

You scared me.

Well, this is the street!

Brown himself did not want to escape.

Is it true that you beat Taninna?


Malay has many similarities with Indonesian.


This is our primary target.

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These clothes are dirty and need to be washed.

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Your mother and I want you to marry Scott.

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Sea turtles are magnificent creatures.

I did everything Francis asked me to do.

He could make himself agreeable to almost anyone.

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Tell your son to quit harassing my daughter.

I've heard that people can eat cat food without any harmful effects.

Japanese sci-fi, as in anime, involves their Buddhistic and Animistic spirituality.

I'm definitely going to give up smoking!

When you are cheerful, books can increase your happiness; when you are sad, books can lessen your sorrow.


You can sit if you want.

You must break the vicious circle.

You've got to help me! Every night I have the same horrible dream.

I didn't ask you.

Her nose is abnormally large.


The fish caught in this river are all nice.


Dan appears to have had several surgeries in the leg.

Kazuhiro tried to break down the door.

In my opinion, the meeting was a success.

Since I don't know what questions I'll be asked, I'll have to wing it at my presentation.

What do you need me for?

I have to do a lot of things.

We are all people.


Cory poured some bourbon into the glass.

It's not your problem, anyway.

Then the prince took Elsa on his horse, and rode with her to the town, where the old king received her graciously.

Is there a problem, Kayvan?

I'd like you to sing a song.


The time will come when she will repent of it.


I have no idea what'll happen.

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I will make certain of the situation.

I'm tired of waiting.

It takes sushi chefs two years just to learn how to prepare rice.

Keep speaking, because you speak well.

I was told my tear duct was blocked.

Don't change your mind.

Don't buy that book.

It is just a prank!

I can't delay my decision any longer.

Van knows who killed his dog, but he won't tell us.

Just turn around for a second.

What happens when we run out of water?

You have a relationship with Jack, don't you?

She is a lady among ladies.

Can I speak to you a moment?


That's Leila, my teddy-bear.

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What's Christina going to tell Niels?


I had a new suit made.