Why pay over $300.00 when you can get Custom Orthotics for only $89.95?

Why buy a pre-fabricated orthotic, when for about the same price you can get a Custom made Orthotic built from molds of your feet.

Each foot impression is evaluated by a Podiatrist (Foot Doctor) with over 25 years experience in the field.    It does make a difference! 

Custom Made Orthotics for Flat Feet and More

Foot pain can prevent you from living the active life you desire. Orthotics can help, but they usually cost a lot of money. At Custom Orthotics, we believe you should be able to get the custom arch supports and custom orthotic inserts you need without overpaying. When you order custom orthotics online from us, you get great orthotic inserts at an even better price.

We have a variety of foot pain solutions for you; custom orthopedic inserts for flat feet, Custom orthotics for plantar fasciitis, and custom arch supports. Order now, and fix the pain in your feet without creating a pain in your wallet!

Orthotics have been proven to help a number of ailments as well as treat pain in a wide variety of situations. At CustomOrthotics.com our goal is to provide you with the best orthotics and orthopedic shoe inserts at an affordable price. Normally having custom orthotics created is extremely expensive and consultation with a podiatrist can also be expensive. At CustomOrthotics.com, we have created a solution allowing you to consult our podiatrist and find the right orthotics or custom made orthotic insoles to correct issues you may be having with your foot or any related pain. Click here to order your orthotics.

a device or support especially for the feet. Used to relieve or control a biomechanical problem.
Custom Orthotics provides a full line of individually fabricated custom made orthotics. Orthotics are often used in running shoes, orthotics are also used in walking shoes. It is time to shed your foot pain and enjoy being on your feet again with our custom orthotics.

Whether you are running, walking or just standing on your feet, Custom Orthotics makes the orthotics you are looking for. Order your custom orthotics today. All custom orthotics are made just for your feet. They can help many foot related problems. Order your foot orthotics or custom made insoles from Custom Orthotics. We carry a full line of custom orthotics! Call us today to order your custom orthotics.

The Simple Process for Custom Orthotics Online

Step 1: Order your Custom Orthotics Choose the product you are interested in from the above options. From there you can then find more information and order your custom orthotic or custom orthopedic shoe inserts or custom orthopedic insoles. If you have any questions, feel free to call. This call is a no charge – no obligation consultation about your custom orthotics with a Podiatrist.

Step 2: Take Your Impression Once you receive our moldable foam, you can take your own impressions in the comfort of your own home. We provide you with simple instructions as well as supply you with an online video of how to take the impression.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Custom Orthotics - Send in your impressions and once we receive them, we will send you your very own custom orthotics or any other product you chose in less than 10 business days. Use them and start enjoying the benefits for years.