He always keeps appointments.

How long did you go out with him?

If I had known your telephone number, I would have called you.


If life is ridiculous and absurd, be glad that it is not tedious.


Is the capital city of Russia not Moscow?

There was never this much snow before.

Does having a vocabulary of 80 000 words give you enjoyment?

Don't ask Carole. He doesn't know anything.

We need to warn them.

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I prefer to say.

She has a robust constitution.

I was born in America.

People sometimes exaggerate their abilities.

She may well say so.

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Aren't you impressed?

Although he is poor, he is happy.

I've become impotent.

That's what they did.

Kyu wants me to come to Boston to help him set up a new business.

I'm seeing someone.

Saiid appeared out of nowhere to rescue her, like a knight in shining armor.

The boy may have told a lie to please his parents.

This is the best tasting pear I've ever eaten.

I don't think I'm ready to go yet.

What is she up to?

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The TV doesn't work.

I'm pretty sure Sekar's will be at the party.

Do you think Kylo can swim?


You should quit while you're ahead.

Let's shred your wings into small pieces and throw them away.

Make love, not sentences.

You don't want to say no to Hal.

I'll keep an eye on him.

I thought Pravin was bluffing.

Rand put on his sweater wrong side out.


Some birds are flying high in the sky.

This offer does not meet our requirement.

This is beyond the scope of my imagination.

You shouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water.

The old house stands on a cliff.

Dan has a friend in Boston.

Mitch has no reason to hide.

Please do that again.

He is not so much a politician as a scholar.

You need at least four people for a three-legged race.

I touched him.

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I can't believe what I'm hearing.


Clark was a good Samaritan.

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None of what's happening today has anything to do with me.


Let's hear the rest of the story.


Please hold this ladder steady.

They want everything right now that you said you'd give them.

Louiqa is undependable, I think.

I am not deaf.

I'd need a whole eternity to explain everything.


Linley plowed the field.

Even though a boy may be very unhappy, he very seldom loses sleep over his worries.

Nobody here does that anymore.

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We have to take advantage of this situation.

How long does the spring break last?

Make sure you closed the freezer door correctly.


Life is that which occurs while you are occupied doing other things.

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This song reminds me of my happy days.


I want to protect him.

Izzy doesn't want to work with me.

Beauty is a matter of opinion but ugliness is universal.

Please tell her how sorry I am.

Let me tell you more.

I miss you already.

Damone abandoned the plan.

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He is our next door neighbor.

Without water, nothing could live.

Marshall said that she had never loved Pratap, nor would she ever love him.

I've already read that novel.

It's an eyesore.


Suzan was sitting between his parents.

It's very beautiful.

Rolf will help us tomorrow.

Overcome weakness.

My tomcat has a sunburn.


It is strange that he is not here. He always comes at this time.

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He said we must keep the secret.


My dad is very strict.

This ring is a magic item that gives great power to its user.

The water rose to a level of 10 meters.

"When did Mr Ogawa arrive?" "Ten minutes ago."

Because I had a cold, I stayed at home.

Tell Jayant the rest of the news.

What good is that going to do anybody?

I suggest keeping your opinions to yourself from now on.

We'll visit Andrew tomorrow.

It is quiet here at night.

There is an urgent need for a more effective method of treating this disease.

It turned out that we received a million dollars.

Tyler has been working for us about three years.

Bees make honey.

He despises Dale.


Ah, I forgot to ask. Before you said you hadn't seen he umbrella. Have you found it since?

He loves you. I know he does.

It's raining, so we should go home.

Which weekend in March are you coming again?

I had my camera stolen.


Jacobson enjoys listening to live music.

Please call me as soon as you arrive in Boston.

It's probably past midnight.

Am I understood?

I was ashamed of having said so.


Nadal won a grueling tennis match. It lasted five sets.

I'm not talking to Ole.

They are living in misery.

She says that she did nothing wrong.

We had some uninvited guests last night.

I suggest you put that in your report.

We are not fond of pets.

The girl imagines that she is a doctor.

I don't have time to finish my homework.

Deborah fed the pigs.

I didn't miss my watch till I got home.

The teachers are playing games with students in the kindergarden.

Per never goes anywhere without his phone.

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Kobolds always appear in the strangest of places.

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He wants to squish the bug.


Without honor, victory is hollow.

Did you warn Glen?

Hiromi wears a new dress.

Maurice gave Derek three thousand dollars.

That's what I'm really worried about.

I have to know for sure.

It falls to you to put the finishing touches to this work.

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She lives in poor circumstances.


Dan vomitted in the car.

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Many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday!

Go where you will, you can't hope for success without effort.

She could not cope with anxiety.

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I didn't know you were coming by.

I don't need a flu shot.

She seemed disappointed and sad.

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We ate Peking duck in the Chinese restaurant.

I just want to be alone right now.

The price did not enter into our consideration.

I don't want them on the team.

Masanobu may have gone already.


No matter how hard he tried, my opinion didn't change.

Yvonne argued with Vistlik about the matter.

I know Lin has a pool.

I want to know exactly what Courtney said.

You're dear to me.

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I am not an athlete.

See to it that this letter is posted without fail.

I think this is the only way to do it.

You can wait in the car.

There was a huge earthquake today, but thankfully everyone in the family is safe and well.

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Are you sure you know what Malcolm wants?


I really thought Jean-Pierre was happy.

Christmas is soon.

Who's going to hurt you?

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It's hard to surprise her.

I played tennis after school was over.

You've made me feel a lot better.

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I'd better tell her.