It might startle them.

China is bigger than Japan.

Our relationship is stable.

Please don't make noise.

Paolo told me we'd go hunting the following day.

Leave the lights on.

She caused this.

Just sit down, Kevan.

Looking out of the window, I saw a rainbow.

He has been living here these ten years.


My sister is fond of music.

He is believed to have passed the examination.

May I turn on the radio?

Everyone needs to find his own path.

Randal just stood there, scratching his ear.


Let's go to Boston.

He cannot see the matter from my point of view.

I'm not afraid of you and your political correctness.

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Louiqa has a secret admirer.

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Teachers must be tired of correcting the same mistakes over and over again in their students' papers.

She diced a carrot.

The story goes that he really had nothing to do with it.

The phenomenon is typical of our modern era.

Oceanfront houses bore the brunt of the huge waves whipped up by the storm.


He's not here yet.

Why didn't you say so earlier?

I like music very much.

Isaac said nothing at all.

I found something I thought I'd lost.

Charlene isn't as innocent as he tries to make himself look.

You're not even giving it a chance.

It is a lot of fun picking various shells on the sands.

Earl seemed a bit angry.

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I'll never let Izzy do that again.


He copied his friend's notebook with precision.

He turned his thoughts toward home.

Dan hung himself in the locker room.

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Pilot and Jess usually get home later than their parents do.

Joel's decision to get married surprised his family.

This is a question for Rolfe.


The dismantling of the British Empire was relatively peaceful.

Don't be silly! We're just friends. Good friends.

Roland thought the bed was too soft.


It was a big explosion.


She was not jealous.

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Tell them that I'm fine.

Did you hear that Fred was dismissed?

I'm learning.


Tiefenthal is in the garage changing his oil.

Where exactly do you live?

Jess doesn't have what it takes to make it around here.


How did you and Dad meet?

She drew out the money from the bank.

Al was momentarily silent.


Tell me where Old took Roland.

That's probably a bad way to start.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

I told Pat who I really am.

I thought about resigning from the company.

If you could think positively every day, it would help you to live a lot better.

We shouldn't spend money.


We use miscellaneous methods such as discussion, threats and physical injury.


I remember these faces.

Fry me some eggs.

We've got to find out.

I don't think it works that way.

I was still at home.

I knew there had to be a better way.

I never wanted to hurt them.

We paid cash.

Ritalynne was content.

He's the most handsome man I've ever met.

Were you ever on television?

The water is ice-cold.

I go to the office by bicycle except on rainy days.

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The mountain is green.

Mike was very kind. He got my car repaired for free.

Eat, while it's still hot.

We need to follow them.

Has anyone spoken to Micah?

Rajiv used to write articles for one of the local newspapers.

Let them leave.


My brother became cheeky.

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How's the hematoma, Omar?

African elephants are larger than Asian elephants.

He contributed to the development to the city.

In case the refrigerator malfunctions, please read the operating instructions.

Japanese cars are very popular.

I can't find my plane ticket.

Are you trying to be funny?

We don't like these stories, probably you either.

Should I ask Amanda for help?

I'm no longer hungry.

The rest follows naturally.

I'm not really that sorry.

The worm turns.

I'm just curious what your plan is.

I had to go to my office by bus because my car had engine trouble.


The situation is getting better.

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Do you regret what you did?


I would never lie to him.

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We have to do that.

My job search is really going rough. I don't have any connections.

I was at home then.

Everything's under control.

My father died when the cherry blossoms were at their best.

Everyone's watching you.

Eddy blushed when he saw Marty naked.

I know this must be difficult.

I hear that studying in the morning is more effective. Studying one hour in the morning is as good as three hours at night.


Do you own a gun?

I'm sorry, I can't do that.

The table was groaning with food.


He is famous as a doctor.

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Your mother and father are dead.

According to the Canadian government "punctuation should be as consistent as possible within a given text". That would mean that one and the same writer may use a different style of punctuation in a different text on another occasion.

Let's just go away.

She went into the room and lay on the bed.

This science-fiction novel is very interesting.

At that time I really understood that gorillas have feelings.

I lost my balance on the muddy road.

Stop feeding me wormy fruit.

I object to her going there alone.

Here comes the bus!

I told Bobbie you already knew about it.

Tovah never forgave himself for hurting Ramon the way he did.

Wash the dishes.

You told Donne that he was adopted, didn't you?

Please call me at your earliest convenience.

Douglas was the last one to arrive this morning.

Anna got into a serious relationship with Paul after they graduated.

I think I should do it for you.

There's no hurry. We have plenty of time.

We have to defend our country from the foreign aggression.

Get that off my table.

We're concerned about it.

I'm still living with my parents.

Gigantic space stations were soon constructed with parkland inside the shell structure.

Your poor memory is due to poor listening habits.


Vernon didn't come back until 2:30.

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Just tell me what you need.

This is for you!

She can't have written it herself.


I hit it off well with her.

German men are sexist.

I hope we find them.

Janice often goes fishing on Sundays if the weather is good.

A vegan is someone who is concerned about the welfare and continued existence of all living beings, and is NOT just someone who doesn't consume animal products.


What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience?


I would be more than willing to do that.

The new business was eating away his fortune.

He bore an unmistakable reference to his father. It made his mother cry.

I think Andrew is interfering.

She just blew it off.

Silicon Roundabout is home to a large number of IT start-ups.

He respects me.

The railway crosses the road at this point.

Are you saying that this is my fault?

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You admit that you lied, right?

I did do that, didn't I?

I'd like to play tennis with you.

Aren't you happy that you are rich?

We live on the earth.

Health is worth more than wealth.

Giovanni used to be the manager of a hotel.

I want to get lost in Eastern Europe.

I wonder if translating it as "I love you" is taking too much of a liberty.