A beard doesn't make a philosopher.

The apples look good.

I thought you would never come here.

We have a small vegetable garden.

We have important work to do.

This is life in the fast lane!

He was honest in business.

Our office is located the center of the city.

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I thought I told you to keep the door closed.


Give Jeremy something to eat.

Who saw me?

I don't think she is fit for the job.

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I think it was an accident.


The pastor is nourished by the church.

Grace was puzzled.

That would break the Prime Directive.

The last flight for Osaka has been canceled.

I'm so glad they're here.

I do not opine that Hinduism is like a messianic complex.

That's the car I told you about.

Why don't we drive out to the country for a change of pace?

The United States of America export wheat throughout the world.

A woman in movement clothed in what resembles a bikini is drawn on a Sicilian mosaic from 5th century Rome.

There seems to be evidence suggesting Kayvan was responsible for Shahid's death.


He is going to help you.

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I've played tennis for years and years.

His novel is beyond my comprehension.

What did you do with my glasses? They were here a minute ago.

The price is right.

The troops refused to obey the command.


That supports my arguments.

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What do they need?


Shuvra splashed Jeremy in the face with acid.

When you return to your company, don't forget to keep in touch with me.

Manolis believes that the government wants to hide the truth about aliens.

Robin used to live at that address.

I don't think I've seen you before.

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Neville didn't mean to step on Klaus's toes.


Why aren't you already on board the ship?

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I'm taking her home.


Rob has a bad habit of interrupting people while they're talking.

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I'm going to a monster truck rally.

That book's over here.

He has three wires.

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Hsi didn't know what I knew.


This fish is unfit to eat.


We're amused.

I'll save Ann.

I spend too much time on Tatoeba.


We don't care why.


Where is your God now?

Do you really think so?

Coleen does not want you to know the truth.


Just stay here.

Now, wait a minute.

Mistreated illegal foreign workers often fall between the cracks of the social system.


I've been getting a little sunburned, too.

What a wonderful father Debi was.

He is likely to win the championship.

Buy four big potatoes for me.

A good sailor only requires a short time to get his sea legs.

When asked what wine he liked to drink, he replied, "That which belongs to another."

Do you mind if I change the channel?

Liyuan will probably be here in the morning.

I'll never forgive you, Tahsin.


Is Justin Bieber becoming a father?

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Stephan might be able to help you tomorrow.

I have never been to Florida.

We don't miss anything.


Clare might be unhappy.

In an almanac you can find information about the phases of the moon.

Do you have some paper or something?

Your mother has made you what you are.

They pay us for our work.


Do you want to do that?

The teacher gave way to the students' demand.

That's sufficient.

I don't know if they've decided to leave.

Corey gave me these for my birthday.

Charles told me he was going to commit suicide.

She was ironing her dress.

Upbringing is what remains when one has forgotten everything one has learned.

The father abandoned us.

You won't be in time unless you run.

The peasants rose up in rebellion against the ruler.


This cat doesn't chase mice.

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Do you have anything to report?

My grades fell greatly.

It was careless of you to lose my car key.

What's happened to you?

Things are different now.


I need a cart with two oxen.

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Eric took the kids to the school this morning.

There are a few yachts on the calm sea.

Eli took off his glasses and put them in his shirt pocket.

Everybody looks confused.

I think Mr Ashe has just got to have a cigarette.

I could use a little help in here.

Is it true that man never gave you his name?

It's very detailed.

Granny went to pick some blueberries.

I'll finish it in one hour.

It is far from a joke.

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If you flatter him, he'll do anything.

I'm not interested in any of your theories.

I will stay at your place for some days.

They guarantee it.

Can I get a witness?

The situation seemed hopeless.

Hsi can't win.

Use a proper language.

When Ned arrived in the scene of the plane crash, he was horrified.

Lori and Brandi are the only ones still in the room.

Donal should eat.

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We were struck dumb with astonishment.


Guillermo didn't know that happened.

We walked around the pond.

You will be allowed to use this room tomorrow.

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You may do everything but criticize me.

It's been a long time since I've seen you.

She said she didn't like it, but I thought, personally, it was very good.

Kathy has no manners at all.

Flashy people irritate him.


Her daughter is bad at cooking.

Could you cook a skewer for me, please?

This is serious stuff.


Rodent lives near the ocean.

There's something I need to talk to you about.

I have books that I have reread several times.

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I was born and raised in Boston.

Klava forgives her husband.

One cannot trust surveys.

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Has anyone thought about that?

The Gallic troops were exhausted.

Felicja is married to a handsome man called Lazarz.


She is Russian.

I need to get home.

They were suddenly aware of a noise in the back of the room.

I must find Gail.

There's no reason to panic. Just handle it quickly.


They sang in chorus.

Pat and Marie looked at each other and shrugged.

My computer sometimes shuts down suddenly.

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It is not necessary for you to quit the job.

I changed my shirt.

I feel dizzy. I think I'm going to faint.

My heart practically skipped a beat.

The dog breathed with difficulty.

There are many tourists in the city on holidays.

The sniper is driving a white van.

You already know the answer.

Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.


What is it you do for a living?

She was 19 at the time.

Her long hair blew in the wind.

I thought Guy was a cheerleader.

British people are arrogant and rude.


I will make a new suit for you.