Mr Johnson insists on his theory.

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Murray is cynical, isn't he?


What are they suggesting?

The process of artistic creation isn't necessarily akin to factory production.

It is so humid in summer here.


I should've known you were lying.

Not having got a reply, May wrote to Bill again.

How long does it take to get to the beach from here?

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You were once a child, dear reader, and perhaps you're lucky enough to still be one.


At last, we got the information.

Rodent and I rarely agree on anything.

This translation is not quite up to snuff.


I had no idea you were so good at cooking.

I'll eat my breakfast and go back to bed.

An old woman lives there.

Kris won't know how to do that.

This is on sale.


The supply-demand balance is tight.

The price of Coca-Cola at the buffet increased.

All you need is love.


He hired Stu to kill Mr. Smith.


Galen's suffering from the absence of his sweetheart Isabelle.

How much are oranges?

They did not want to spend much time talking about it.

Edith drank a glass of milk.

All the house was asleep, and the fire burning low, when, from far up the chimney, came down a "Ho! ho!".


I'm an atheist and I thank God for it.

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It's said to be a girls' high school characterised by its quiet and traditional feel and a chic, high-class uniform.


I don't know where I've left the keys.

The senior citizens' spirits were high in spite of the bad weather.

Moore has written several songs about his hometown.

Do you guys like white wine?

Please send me a letter as soon as you arrive.

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Daddy, let's have a staring contest.

I will go even if it rains.

We can tell you later.

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What should I do if I become depressed while studying abroad?


She is coming at once.

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Thanks, that's everything.


"Where are you staying?" "At that hotel."

Alberto is from Costa Rica. He is Costa Rican.

They didn't run.

Hey, can I have that?

You've got to tell Julia he needs to be here at 2:30.

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We'll wait for you.

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Robots have taken the place of men in this factory.

We cannot ask anything about age or physical problems.

I talked with him about it over the telephone.

That was gutsy.

Sylvan has been reading my mail.


I came back home late.

Protest in Tatoeba takes ever more creative forms.

Have you found a cure?


The price does not include the case.

Pay attention to details, and you'll get along all right.

Are you sure it's all true?

I need more.

This book belongs to me.

I gave them one thousand yen each.

The enemy attacked from behind.

Let them do this.

I'm pretty sure I could do that.

I'm getting hot

Lee peeked into Dana's room, but she wasn't there.

Fifty-two per cent of British women prefer chocolate to sex.

Don't open the window.

This is the best present I've ever received!

I could never get away with that.

I'm on my way back to Boston.

I have nothing to say to him.

I am about to suffer.

How late does the train run today?

Stay home so that you can answer the phone.

There was a bunch of geese flying in different groups.


To my chief strategist, David Axelrod, who's been a partner with me every step of the way. To the best campaign team ever assembled in the history of politics! You made this happen, and I am forever grateful for what you've sacrificed to get it done.

Nathaniel is the only person who knows about this.

He kept us waiting for a long time.

Women are sincere.

There was something about her voice that made us feel uneasy.

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Jane signed up for the French course.


Why can't you be more like me?


The street is like a tunnel of a paper flowers.

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The dancers were beautifully got up.

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That's Spike's voice.


Lui is pig-headed.


Oh yes, you didn't eat any in-flight meals either did you?


That road is too narrow for a car to drive on.

This hen does not lay eggs at all these days.

Secondary schools across the country are currently closed due to strikes.

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Juha is in more trouble than I thought.


Wolfgang poured some more wine into his glass.

Menopause can change the way that women think about their bodies and their sexuality.

As you can see, we're still working.


My thoughts are with all of you.


Bernie has lived in the jungle for five months.

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I have to cover his loss.

I miss my elementary teachers very much.

I know it was Bert.


Olson looked around the room, but no one else was there.

He recognized me right away.

Today was better.

I tried to leave, but Ruth wouldn't let me go.

It's not my place to question Ole's judgment.


I heard a strange noise.

Put it back where you found it.

Women are easily moved to tears.

I'm real sorry I wasn't able to help.

Kenn is happy traveling by himself.

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He knows how to play with words.

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Herbert opened all three letters.

Harry couldn't be convinced.

This new investment will multiply our profit.

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I have a funny feeling about this.


You're done.

Nobody believes in my country.

She works as an au pair.

Our children are the same age, same gender and same height. They are twins.

I don't want to bother them.

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I think Lonhyn is pompous.


He filled the glasses with wine.

I got him to take my picture.

Did you have plans?

That's just impossible.

Yeah, I asked about six times.

List is twice as heavy as Jayesh.

War doesn't make anybody happy.


I have to deal with Rand.

I'm glad you agreed to see me.

I think Hal hates it when Sugih makes him wait.


I know exactly what Marguerite is going to say.


He coaxed extra money from his mother.


Haiti is a nation that seems hopelessly impoverished.

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I'm just trying to be realistic.


Manjeri bought Morton some chocolates.


Was his story true?

Reckon the cost before you decide to purchase the car.

Sergeant took a picture and sent it to her friend.

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Amedeo tried to sit up, but was unable to.

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I heard a young girl call for help.

My kids don't usually lie to me.

Arthur wants me to give him some space.

Laurent is interesting, isn't he?

I thought I was alone.

Bryan was very surprised.

Keep them out of trouble.

Would you tell Jitendra that Winnie phoned?

He escaped from prison.