LMS porject for construction

Construction management


LMS project simplifies the complex task of managing a construction project.  We take care of the time consuming job of managing funding, securing lien releases and paying subcontractors & suppliers so you can focus on getting the job done.  LMS Project is a transparent system that ensures superior organization and tracking for everyone on the job from lenders to owners to GC's to subcontractors and suppliers.

Security for owners.

Security for workers.

LMS Project ensures piece of mind for everyone.  For owners and banks, the automatic lien release capture and payment tracking system ensures that their money is being used properly and that there will be no nasty surprises down the line. Subcontractors and suppliers love LMS because they are guaranteed speedy payment from verified and secured funding.

Residential Construction made easy with Lien Management Systems


Secure and Transparent Processing......

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Commercial Construction made easy with Lien Management Systems


Fast Efficient Project Tracking for Commercial Construction

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Industrial & Agricultural construction


Efficient Management of Large and Small Agricultural & Industrial Projects

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Civil construction projects


Efficient Management of Large and Small Civil Projects

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Construction Project Owners benefit from LMS Project
LMS for


Lien Waver Tracking
Payment Transparency
Progress Monitoring
Easy Funding Allocation

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Prime Contractors have huge benefits with LMS
LMS for

Prime Contractors

Streamlined Project Set Up
Simple Invoice Payment
Flexible Management Tools
Automated Waver Collection


Subcotractors get paid faster with LMS
LMS for


Fast Payment
Secured Project Funding
Easy Digital Invoicing
Click and Sign Wavers

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LMS for banks, Funding Sources and Title Companies
LMS for

Banks &
Title Companies 

Progress Monitoring
Required Approvals
Auto ID Verification
Automated Reporting