Those answers are incorrect.

Has Saify told you everything?


Gross national product is a nation's total output of goods and services during a given period of time as measured in monetary value.

Are you trying to prove something?

I wonder how Eric put up with Dieter for so many years.


I don't think there's any point in discussing this today.

He is in charge of the class.

You look pretty.

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We have a warrant.

If you drive your car like that, you'll end up in hospital.

The river is shallow here. We can walk across.

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Hail, friend.

Are you full?

They wanted to deal in gold and silver.


They were of a respectable family in the north of England.

I'm considered a traitor to this country.

Mott shouldn't have told me.

Sharon earned a merit badge.

Stacey got wet to the skin and caught cold.

Next period is an examination in German.

Maybe I'll write a book.

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The new law will deprive religious minorities of their right to vote.


I'd like to see more of you.

Lievaart bought a book yesterday and gave it to Pitawas.

Can I use your telephone?

I complained, but they refused to take this sweater back.

Ahmet can't hide the truth anymore.

The salt cellar was on the table.

His object in traveling to Paris was to meet with the President.

It's difficult but not impossible.

Tarmi calculated that the total would be over 900 dollars.

William is too proud to ask others for help.

She covered the car.


That's private.

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I feel nauseous.

Does that mean anything to you?

The king crushed his enemies.

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Saqib began to learn French about three years ago.

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I know I shouldn't feel this way.


Moore got a flu shot.

Don't just eat fish. Eat some meat, too.

I am not a good swimmer.


We like to look feminine.


Why don't we have enough food for everyone? I thought you went shopping this afternoon.

He cannot come to the office today as he is indisposed.

Mr. White is in charge of our class.


Is everything satisfactory?


I'm fairly sure Jeffery hasn't done his homework yet.


We faced pressure like never before.

There was only one small problem.

I wish I could prove it.

She laughed, with tears in her eyes.

It must be morning, for the birds are singing.


I gave Vassos everything.

How do you know it's real?

We have to start at once.

I'm kind of tired.

I want to tell you something.

You have a sore throat and fever.

Susanne and Howard live on Third Street.

Roxane says it's important for us to be there tomorrow.

I'm not a magician.

I think Randell is exciting.

One day, Natsume Soseki was lost in London.

You remember vividly the arrogance of that waitress. It scares you.

I remember your grandfather well.

Let us know where you'll be.

In outer space there is no atmosphere so turbines and propellers cannot work there. This explains why a rocket works in space but a turbine engine or a propeller does not work.

You make me laugh a lot.

Rusty has been looking for a guy like Laurence.

I am a runner.

Every time Cathrin shows up, it rains.

I just mentioned it because I know a lot of people who worry about that.

She took her time.

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It's an inside job.


Heather thought Jackye was stupid.

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I thought I saw Bobby in the park with Jennie.


Kate made an apple pie.

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.

Knut didn't give me details.


Lee invited me over for dinner.

I'll discuss it with them.

This painting has poor composition.

From time to time, they went shopping together.

The police haven't notified List yet.


It is difficulties that show what people are.

It looks like you were wrong.

Neither before nor after.

I've been fully briefed.

A ball hit the back of my head while I was playing soccer.


They met through her introduction.

Embrace your dreams.

You'll make Deirdre a very happy man.

She doesn't look very happy.

I only had one sip of beer.


I saw him playing cards with all of them.

These kittens are so cute and cuddly.

I suppose that means that, after all, people taken for a sucker give off a 'sucker aura'.

What does a stamp for a postcard to Germany cost?

Having finished the work yesterday, I am free today.


His answer was far from satisfactory.


I could tell something was up.

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We eat butter on bread.

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You'll need some of these.

Jonathan asked me if he could borrow my umbrella.

He is careless about his clothes.

Jiri made me come down here.

We expected that we should have a warm January, but we hear that this winter is the coldest in twenty years.


My cousin is getting married tomorrow.


There is every promise of the boy's release.


Prakash loaded the cars onto the ferryboat.


I went up to the front door.

We were really excited.

There are lots of benefits from travelling abroad.


I have a swollen ankle.

We all pondered over what had taken place.

Your birth was an accident.

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Which doctor is attending you?

I'll try to be nicer to Rolf from now on.

How can you be so sure?

I need to speak to him.

What would've happened if Himawan had come?


It's going to be a problem, isn't it?

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I felt special.


Why don't you hang around a while after everyone else leaves so we can talk?

Take it upstairs.

They signed a three-year contract with a major record company.

Shelley's friends died very young.

My aunt won an all-expenses-paid tour of Hawaii.

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Even though it wasn't here?

Stevan has decided to do that.

Why don't you sing?

Lea said he was completely exhausted.

Do you want to hear a joke?

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We'll decide later.

Phill was sweet.

He bought a lot of flour and oil.

Geoff was waiting for Carisa.

Raymond didn't want to let the opportunity pass him by.

You can stay in here.

Luckily Kriton didn't see Lord.

There's nowhere you can hide.

Ken laid aside some money each week.

I ate a banana wrapped in edible rice paper and caramel.

There's nothing more painful than losing one's child.

We should be home soon.

Why did you do it?


We've had beautiful weather all week.


It took all day.

Suresh knows how to tell a good story.

Shaw made no effort to apologize.

The fight had settled nothing.

Bradford picked up the knife.


Ariel knew that Jacques was upset.

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Work hard, or you'll have to take the same course again next year.