She flapped at the fly with a newspaper.

I wouldn't blame Stanislaw.

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I'm getting a haircut on Wednesday.

I'd like to eat breakfast with you.

I'm rational.

You're not bleeding.

Sofia likes to stay at home alone on weekends.


It will rain tonight.

Call me sometime.

Is it convenient for you if I come at 5 p.m.?


We aren't going to do that.

What about next Sunday?

If your baby is prone to rashes, you may want to apply diaper cream, powder, or petroleum jelly after cleaning your baby's bottom.


This soap is infused with natural fragrances.

I didn't want it.

Lenin ordered them to rebel.

She was the most beautiful woman in the whole kingdom.

He prefers football to baseball.

You should study in an efficient manner.

Tokyo is a huge city.


I have to revise for a biology test.

Wait, what are you doing here?

He also saw it.


The children were working like so many ants.

Floyd swore to keep it a secret.

They're in their element.

I think we should tell Sharada what we think.

Wait here a second, OK?

You don't have to be discouraged because you are not a genius.

They take this negative way of protesting against adult domination.

Tracy is good to me.

Let me prove it.

I'm proud of that.

On TV we saw Mummy's office in flames.

That's the house they lived in.

Here were some relics.


The Russians have never lived as bad as under the Obama administration.

Operation of this computer is tricky.

Shannon is a journalist.

I'll understand if you're not interested.

The friend educates the friend.


I'm glad you see it that way.


We listen to the radio.


Can I use MasterCard here?

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Ricky is no longer working for us.

I'm hoping to make stay a little longer than that.

I've never driven a truck.

Did you know Samuel?

Justin waited under the tree until it stopped raining.

I just wanted to make sure I hadn't done anything wrong.

I am tying the cow to the pole.


Naresh had never been away from home before.

There's no evidence that Randell has done anything illegal.

If flies fly behind flies, then flies fly behind flies.

What's your address?

He has great influence in his country.


Clare reached into his pack and pulled out his sunglasses.


This discovery will be recorded in history.

He keeps on phoning me, and I really don't want to talk to him.

I would like to go to Japan.


I disagree with you, Charlene.

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It helps a young man find his place in the world if he has a mentor.

You have to learn standard English.

Let me alone.


He always speaks ill of his father behind his back.

I thought you'd be in Boston by now.

The room hasn't been cleaned recently, so it now has a foul aroma.

What languages are spoken in your country?

I have been to see the baseball game.

It made my hair stand on end.

I never meant for any of this to happen.

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I don't know what was in that box.

When I was a kid, I remember my mother used to stay awake all night waiting for my older brother to come home.

She took me half way there, and then played innocent.

It's a big step.

I had to go there yesterday.


I entered this school two years ago.


I hate travelling by subway.

I'm not going to get married.

Ethan asked Sandy to look after the children.


He felt in his pocket for his wallet.

There's a bus stop right in front of my house.

She writes beautifully.


Work hard, or you will fail the examination.

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You've both been very helpful.

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Did you warn him?

Lanny cried for an hour.

He is lying.


It seems that he was badly scolded.

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I don't know and don't want to know.

I had barely gotten home when the storm broke out.

Keith's car cost a lot more than mine did.

Earle isn't the right guy for you.

What kind of gun do you carry?


Orville hit the ball with the bat.

You've put too much salt into the soup. Now, no one's going to eat it.

Her anger is understandable.

We are shorthanded now.

I love you more than ever.


He was kind enough to show me the way to the library.

I need to buy a gift for her.

They know what happened.


We have no salad in the bowl.


Perry is a dermatologist.

Ten to one, he will succeed.

This red hat corresponds well to her dress.

Sandeep was the last one to get in the van.

This liquid can be resolved into three elements.

Jagath is feeling really Christmassy.

This isn't a dog, it's a fox.

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I don't know how they spotted me.


The only constant is change.

Len's pronunciation is very good.

Greg says he felt sick an hour ago.


Europeans love wine.

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There's no guarantee that the stock will go up.


I haven't done that!

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Just get your stuff together.

She loves me, and I love her.

Julius still hasn't forgiven me.

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I cannot tell when he will come, but when he comes, he will do his best.

Mason couldn't answer any of my questions.

All were young once.


Revised was a war hero.


Carol and Shirley haven't decided on a date for their wedding yet.


Give me some quarters.

I was afraid that you had failed.

A cow chases away flies with its tail.

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Your friend's very late, isn't he?

Erwin is coming to our school tomorrow.

Saad won't be with us anymore.

Syun hates his neighbor.

Fritz and Justin are playing a video game.

Your article disappointed me.

His health was affected by the great heat.

I think it's very romantic.

Did you and Roderick have a fight?

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I think, therefore I flee.


I'm honored to make your acquaintance.

There's a piece missing from the machine.

There were creatures lurking in the shadows.

He must have taken the wrong train.

Listen to who's talking.

We bought two crates of beer.

Bernie lent me some money.

I need to get some shuteye.

I like raspberries.

You look great in this photo!

James gave Manolis something hot to drink.


Florian seemed anxious.


They established official relations in 1979.


I will examine your report.

There are those who translate and those who comment. Let's see the results!

We have 24 hours to evacuate the city.