Kory couldn't believe what had happened.

You seem quite pleased with yourself.

Please come to pick me up.

I don't know which book to choose.


Immensity fills me with light.

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You have got a lot of nerve.

Kirsten hasn't seen Carol yet.

Every imaginable means.

Hand me the keys.

The tree's roots extend deep into the earth.

How many languages have you identified?

There is absolutely no way that I would go on a trip alone.

She can express her feelings when she feels happy or sad.

My annual income exceeds five million yen.

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His political career has ended.

I haven't heard from him since then.

Our condolences.

Have you been out of the country recently?

He's flexible.

I don't want to pressure you.

Nothing has to be done.

I enjoyed reading about your dreams.

As I told you earlier, I can't help you.


Dan was seen talking to an unknown man near the restaurant.

This machine takes your money and gives you nothing in return.

Some politicians are wolves in sheep's clothing.

My shoes need to be resoled.

Kay will call.

Oskar said that he would have called you later.

Afterwards I realised that Charles was not the most important at that time.

The rain has stopped.

Concerning this, I'm the one to blame.

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He tried it again, but in vain.


Call them.

My sister dressed herself for the party in a hurry.

Don took a lot of photographs.

Where were the others?

It fits in well with the city around it.

Something must've spooked her.

Barrio ate all the food I had stashed.

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This is the very dictionary I've been looking for.

Don't you check your voice mail?

She waited for her lover at the train station, but in vain.


That's not a cat. It's a dog.

Lunch is on.

I have a family.

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His novels, having been translated into English, are widely read in America.

I'm the one whose father was killed.

I didn't realize it was a big deal.

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Why should Glen even care?

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Be back home by nine at the latest.


Stop bugging me.

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I know what Antonella likes.

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Is that a new perfume?

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I was impressed by Sid's courage.

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In autumn some animals store food for the winter.

Do you want me to start again?

She will make a business trip to London next week.

I've started learning French.

Let her do all the talking.

What happens when an unstoppable force hits an unmovable object?

There comes the train.

I will be seventeen next week.

We dance well.

I'm always listening to music; I can't live without it.

The older daughter wants to be British.

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Australia is one of the countries I want to visit before I die.

You should have seen that movie.

The boys marched on, singing merrily.

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I'm a woman.

You had better see the cloth with your own eyes.

I know it's a little unexpected.

The onions have already sprouted.

I haven't told her.


From now on, I'm going to say what's on my mind.

Jacobson has tested positive for Ebola.

Stay back or I'll kill you.

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I finally got her on the phone.


I put it here somewhere.

She's a good-looking woman.

Don't get your knickers in a twist!

My father was committed to a psychiatric hospital.

I miss talking with them.


Life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.

It's not a snake. It's only a piece of rope.

Shannon is currently living in Boston.

I don't think I ordered that.

There are many cockroaches in the kitchen.

He cut up the meat and weighed it.

God created the heaven and the earth.

They are lazy. I can't understand such people.

If anything, my father seems happier than before.

Timothy was nicknamed Timmy.

If your answer is correct, it follows that mine is wrong.

I have a bicycle of the latest model.

I'd rather not continue this conversation.


He is gone.

I can't understand his obsession with soccer.

Sridhar cut himself with his knife yesterday.

On another plan there was the prediction of a new age.

I'll be back as soon as I find Straka.


She assisted her brother with his homework.

I would've said yes.

I swallowed a soap bubble when I was washing my face while singing.


He entered the room after you left.


This book goes on the top shelf.

Before I joined the army, I was a doctor.

It won't be long before everything is ready.

I can't tell her now. It's not that simple anymore.

A sentence can state something false while at the same time be grammatically correct.


What's happening here at 2:30?

We have no other choice.

You just put a tempting idea in my head.


This is a historic moment.


I hear that you yourself are quite the smooth operator.


I keep it in the attic.

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A commission!

Whether you like it or not doesn't matter.

Alexis knew that he couldn't speak French as well as Shatter could.


Please say something, Rogue.

There are many zoonoses, that is, diseases transmitted from animals to human beings.

How long have you been wearing glasses?

You must get rid of that bad habit.

Do you know how many people died in yesterday's plane crash?


I'm actually looking for Sofia.


A thief steals for a long time, but eventually he will hang.

Open your mouth, please!

When a man reproached him for going into unclean places, he said, "The sun too penetrates into privies, but is not polluted by them."

Everything you need to leaf through a good book: a big, fluffy bed, snug armchair, and, of course, a wall-to-wall selection of reading material.

I liked the show.

Randall is the type of person who goes out of his way to help other people.

I'm going to make sure that won't happen.

Don't go out tonight.

Just stay away from me.

A fly fell in the soup!

They answer us whenever we ask them questions.

I didn't understand what he wanted to tell me.

You want this?

In our next class, we will study the days of the week, the months, and the seasons.

Ria fed Franklin with grapes.

Although he generally liked wine, he didn't care for the bottle Seenu brought.

She looks just like you.

Child as she was, she was brave.

Do you have any idea what's wrong?

You don't really care, do you?

I'm sure Susan doesn't like Mats.

Tareq is out of your league.

You'll be waiting till hell freezes over before Eli will admit that he's wrong.

Hi, how're you doing?

Is there any doctor among us?

Were you able to talk to her?

She erased a word.

Roman seems to get along fine with Hy.

You should not stick to your opinion.


OK, I think I get it.

Why would someone like Sanity buy that?

He was seen to take out the book secretly.

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Six witnesses said they saw Pam cheating on the exam.

I went to Nagano to take pictures of the mountains covered with snow.

She doesn't want him to go to Boston.

Don't you think it's a little too big?

I don't think Son has anything to worry about.

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Not everything that you say in Lojban should be rational.