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ABB Advant OCS (open control system) uses controllers such as the 07KT94 Advant 31 (404) 676-4376. The newer Advant 800xA redefines the standard for control functionality with the AC800MPM864 (3BSE01815R1).

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Bailey Controls provided legendary multifunction controllers such as the IMMFC03, 312-570-5574and multifunction processor modules like the IMMFP02 and IMMFP12. Harmony Bridge Controllers are also available such as the BRC100 (PHCBRC10000000) and BRC300 (PHCBRC30000000).

Taylor Mod 300


ABB Taylor MOD 300 system had a variety of controllers such as the Taylor MOD 30 1700RZ10005C, 1701RZ10003D and MODCELL Series 2000 2001NZ10801B. A variety of digital and analog I/O modules are available as well.



ABB Contronic descended from Germany's Hartmann and Braun (H&B). Popular components of this line include memory PCM03 and PCM14, CPU components 940-489-0939and 6136226862, plus control modules PDK01 and PDS01.



ABB Procontic CS31 CPUs GJR5250000R0202 (07KR91) are ready to ship, along with CPUs for Procontic (760) 321-5443and Procontic 201-599-7569 and the legendary Procontic (405) 427-1560.



ABB has provided dependable power plant operation for 30 years with the Procontrol (601) 292-9133. Processor module 70PR02A-E, coupling module 07SK34B-E, and input module 70EA02A-ES. These all carry a 1 year warranty.

Delta V

Delta V

Emerson Delta V Distributed Control System has a variety of M and S series controllers: MD Plus VE3006, (559) 535-8732, SD Plus (915) 539-5258, and SX (779) 804-2294.



Fisher provided the renowned Provox DCS. Components include analog I/O cards 905-324-4415 and 41B5222X33 as well as keyboard power supplies DC6400X1EA28 and 40B1054X11R.



Emerson Ovation descended from over 40 years of Westinghouse system experience. Ovation CPUs include 5X00105G01 and 5A26391H03, backplanes include 5864331102 and 3A99200G01, as well as cable 6025500340.



RS3 parts ready to ship include the multi-plexor processor 0198406280001, controller card file 10P56500001 and MPC5 controller processor 10P57520007.


TDC 3000

Honeywell was a founding father in DCS automation. TDC 3000 parts such as the PLC gateway interface 51400997100 and the LCN interface 51401291100 that we have in stock are warrantied for one year.



Universal Control Network (UCN) from Honeywell includes the IPC 620 series. Processor modules 620-0080 and serial link modules 621-9939 are in stock and can ship today.

TDC 2000


Honeywell TDC 2000 series parts are nearing the end of their factory support but we supply many components including these boards: signal isolator 30731719001, hiway 786-718-6183, and PC interface 51303888100.

Simatic S5

Simatic S5

Siemens Simatic S5 uses a variety of controllers. Popular central processing units include: CPU S595F 6ES50958FA01, CPU (703) 333-1189 and CPU Caraja.

Simatic S7


Siemens powerful Simatic S7 series replacement parts are ready to ship. Power supplies 6EP14361SH01, interface modules 6ES71517AA000AB0 and flash memory Africana are in stock and ready to ship.

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