Freezeya's Pops and Balls

We are the best!

Simply put, we make the best and we know you'll love it! ...

Dessert Flavors

Apple Pie? S'mores? We have it all!

Creamy Flavors

So good, you gotta check it out!

Fruity Flavors

Made with real fruit! Mmmm fruit...

Our desserts are made with the highest quality ingredients. We don't skimp on the goods because we don't want to skimp on the flavors. One bite and you will know why we are simply, THE BEST! We put months into developing and taste testing our house recipes. We asked many in the community and our Servicemembers at Offutt AFB to sample these and give us input, and we took their advice and Freezeya's Pops and Balls was born!

Boozy Flavors

Oh yeah, we do alcoholic Desserts too!

We have a whole line of desserts containing alcohol. We do not sell these directly to customers, as we currently do not maintain a liquor license. We only contract for resale to other businesses. These can be found in your local bars and restaurants. Click below to find out where!


Do you want our products in your store, restaurant, or bar?

We would love it if you would be interested in reselling our products for your customers in your business! Please contact us and we will be more than willing to negotiate a contract with your business! We offer multiple payment and delivery options. We want this to work so your business attracts more customers!