Dynamic Programming


The BigOmics suite will also provide the facility tool for metagenome analysis using rRNA sequences like 5s, 16s and 23s for characterization and identification of several microbial species.


Microbial Identifier

Dynamic Programming

We use our under patent Dynamic Programming based approach and utilize the power of Big-Data Framework to perform accurate Multiple Sequence Alignments on your sequences.


Phylogenetic Analysis

Phylogenetic Analysis

Phylogenetic Analysis based on novel phylogenetic clustering algorithms will be incorporated into Big-Omics suite. Just keep visiting this page or subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on launch.


The Most Accurate Sequence Alignment.

Don't miss any info.

BigOmics MSA allows you to perform your Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) - Local or Global for your Nucleotides or protein Sequences. Don't let any information missing in your Multiple Sequence Alignment.

BigOmics Sequence Alignment Sample Image

Two Dimensional Phylogenetic Analysis.

Yes! 2-D Phylogenetics

The revolutionary BigOmics 2-D Phylogenetic Analysis tool enables you to explore the new dimensions out of your biological data. Analyze the Genetic or Molecular differences and derive most closest evolutionary relationships.

Result of BigOmics 2-D Phylogenetics

Biologically Accurate Structure Prediction.

Mind Blowing Predictions.

BigOmics Secondary Structure Prediction tool uses our underlying Dynamic Programming based efficient algorithm and based on our most accurate Multiple Sequence Alignment results.

BigOmics Structure Prediction Image