Howard ate a hamburger for lunch.

He shouted for help.

She knows better than to argue with him.

Nobody is rich in my country.


My wife has had it in for me since I forgot her birthday.

He said that he was very happy.

Don't forget to ask follow-up questions.

The frost killed all the flowers.

What do you fancy for dinner?


I think Kee is the only one here who doesn't know how to swim.

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I don't like the way you speak your mind.


I did the best I could do.


Tarmi looks really embarrassed.


So, is the glass half full or half empty?


That sounds like a good plan.

I'd like to know why you were late.

I got up early today.

Those officials don't understand finance at all.

I don't want them to get angry.


Mikael brought a bunch of roses for Elijah for International Women's Day, but she found it inappropriate.

He is regarded as a great statesman.

Whatever course you may take, you must do your best.

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He has outlived his fame.


They got blamed, but it wasn't their fault.

They're not suspicious.

She will be shocked when she get to know the results.


You can't leave me here alone with Jean-Christophe.

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I'm not lucky.

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Sergeant's mad.

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Israel's right to exist should not be up for discussion.

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We saw the parade move down the street.

We could lose a lot more than that.

Robert ignored the suggestion.

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Serious inquiries only, please.

Himawan isn't the one, is he?

I really like Derek a lot.


Nadeem wanted to fire Kriton, but John stopped him.

I think it's time to come clean.

The Comoros is called "Komori" in Shikomoro.

He has been ill in bed for four days.

I only wanted to talk to him.

We've only just begun.

We're very happy.


Maybe I was too hard on Dustin.


Do I look fat in this?


I can't help you do that.

Can you justify the use of violence?

You're not allowed outside this room.

The best thing to do was to not talk any more about those events.

I can't eat fruit in the morning.


She advised him to tell his girlfriend that he loved her.

The sum came to 3,000 yen.

Have you ever really been in love?

I don't smell anything.

We all liked him.

We stopped to talk.

He's shown no appreciable change of attitude.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I can't get the pictures out of the camera!


Hamilton looks freaked out.

These guys are very immature.

I could really use a hug.


My wife is suffering from pneumonia.

I'm Dewey by the way.

On the following day, we all had terrible hangovers.

Good advice is something a man gives when he is too old to set a bad example.

Are you going to keep interrupting us?

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When the ball was dead, Luis ran up to the ball and booted it.

I never told Malaclypse that.

There were rumors about a misfortune.


Emma has no need to worry.

Many child psychologists think that parents should play with their children more often and give them problems to think about.

Esperanto is the language of the twenty-first century.

You are my friends.

You're a baby.

Would you please pass the potatoes?

He saw a dog near the door.

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Most people don't have a problem with that.

I saw Theo again.

Vince is a high school senior.

Tomorrow is her day off.

You seem very knowledgeable about that.


Space wants to leave, but he can't.


I didn't say Wes wasn't involved.

Rudolf assumed that the meeting would start on time.

My prayer was answered.


Jay was suspended for flipping his desk.


Postgraduate research is much more demanding than research at undergraduate level.


I have my doubts about that.

He despised those who lived on welfare.

I almost died when I heard this.


How many hours have you been studying?

I can go wherever you like.

You've got me curious.

I hope Amir doesn't do anything like that again.

The art teacher is painting the night.

Ross will survive.

What's your plan, Stuart?


John is having a good time.


I like to have my dictionary within easy reach.

The party was a failure.

I want to check it out.

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Here's your paycheck.

How's the weather out there?

We won't be late.

I'm coming for Spy.

The amount of money they spent on the wedding is frightening.

He doesn't only teach English; he also writes novels.

Frank made a list of things he had to do.

We discovered relics of an ancient civilisation.

Do you want to see my boat?

You will find a hearty welcome here whenever you call.

I'm supposed to take out the trash tonight.

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Unexpected things happen more often than things you expect.

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We ate at a restaurant just outside Boston.


We'd better wash up.

You should've seen this place before I started cleaning it up.

Is that Mrs. Kent?

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Why are you touching my boyfriend?

He plays beach volleyball.

We've done the impossible.

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Fletcher seems like a mature sort of person.


We think you should go to Boston.


The telephone is among the inventions attributed to Alexander Graham Bell.

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Theo denied that he had done what he was accused of doing.

My income has decreased ten percent.

Do you want to come eat at our house?

Don't be silly. You know I love you.

Alejandro is better at French than me.

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I hope you don't do that.

I really appreciate you picking me up.

Jack looks quite uncomfortable.


Bart mistook me for you.


I finally understand the basic principles of calculus.

Give me liberty or give me death.

I couldn't have done that without you.


My mother had none of the mod cons which are available to today's housewives.

A poet is the translator of the silent language of nature to the world.

They confirmed the importance of strengthening global precautions in order to prevent devastating losses.

They came into the house.

I feel very tired.

I hate this rug.

Juergen called the students back into the room to tell them about the plane crash.


I kept talking to Raanan.

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The friend educates the friend.

I have seen little of him of late.

It is true that he won first prize.

"Are you coming?" "Of course."

My mother was busy cooking dinner.


Jakob was covered with mud.