She wept at the news.

He who wears armor falls with a big crash!

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I didn't expect to run into you in a place like this.

The list keeps getting longer.

Put it where children can't get at it.

I think you liked it.

She is wearing a leather belt around her waist.


This is very inappropriate.

No one has the right to tell us that we're wrong.

Maybe Deb likes you.

I'd like to be as rich as Major.

This is extremely hard for them.

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Both countries are now at peace.


I'm appalled. You leave me speechless.

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I teach.

Some know that science fantasy is different from science fiction.

All my haste was in vain.

I expect everything will go according to plan.

Of course I should read this book.

The river winds through the forest.

Be careful on your way back home.

American forces announced the completion of their mission in Iraq.

There's no point in being nervous.

I'm much younger than you.

You secretly do.

It takes time to get to know Darin.

It's a real shame that Mikey can't be here today.

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Horst washed his hands.

I watched a great movie yesterday.

One must not violate the constitution.

Your story only confirms my suspicions about your bad behavior.

Some Asians seek more technological solutions.

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I enjoyed the music to my heart's content.


He finally surrendered to her.

She was so generous as to give me all the money I needed.

Pravin doesn't trust anyone: neither his friends, nor his wife, nor his children, nor even himself.


We are not always at home on Sundays.


Whose go is it?


Have you been out of the country recently?


It's a hot day.

It's not ridiculous.

He's done business with this company for years.

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It isn't so good with money as bad without it.

I don't want your business.

How often do you hang out with Rob?

I was not a little disappointed at the news.

You're a very attractive woman.

Will you come to my party?

We look forward to getting back home.

These green leaves will turn red in the fall.

Do you think he'd go out with me?

At last he fell into so great despair that he thought he would put an end to his own life, and for this purpose laid hold of the sword that the Princess had given him; but on drawing it from its sheath he noticed that there was some writing on one side of the blade. He looked at this, and read there, "You will find me in the Blue Mountains."

I'm well enough.

I note down absolutely everything, but they're no good to me afterwards.

Move forward at full speed!


Time crept on.

You've got a poor memory!

The islet stands out above the water.

Don't lend books; no one gives them back. The only books that are still left in my library are ones that I have borrowed from other people.

Why on earth did you give him such a name?

I've been waiting for Alberto to get here.

I never stop thinking about it.

I am perfect.

I faxed a map to Wendell.


Mitchell jumped out the window.

Things are not clearly defined.

I met him on my way home.

I got soaked to the skin.

Each time I went to see him, I found him at work.

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There was a cottage on the side of the hill.

Why doesn't Ken like Tyler?

I knew the risks.


The first centuries of superluminal space exploration proved that neighbouring space was mostly desert as other life discovered was in a primordial state.

I saw a star today.

I really don't think that's a good idea.

Ramsey climbs into the driver's seat of the truck.

We fired Izzy.


You should consider studying French.

They left last night.

The train departs here at 9:00 a.m.

I really like her a lot.

Naresh took a yoga class.

Christopher Columbus started wearing his famous hat back when he was still a schoolboy, and was often punished by his teachers for refusing to take it off in class.

It may have been Spock who broke this window.

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I was much affected by the sad news.

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He's a butcher.

Safety is not guaranteed.

How are you feeling today?

I didn't know Starbuck didn't understand French.

It's occupied.

Your problem is you don't get enough exercise.

Have some ham.

I'll boil the beans for you.

Saify has a lot of valuable books.

Shannon had a narrow escape.

Roberta wanted from Sriram more than he could provide.


At ease.

Louiqa fell asleep at the wheel and hit a street lamp.

What's the most logical explanation?


Who will take the place of his mother?


I hope Jamie is having a lot of fun.

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I think so, too.

I had to wait for him wake up.

Everett can hardly support himself on his salary.


We were told Rabin had been in an accident.

I like you as a friend.

Marian is wearing a black leather jacket, a purple scarf, and purple pants.The outfit looks great on her.


I thought you were mad at me.

I did what I had to.

This was avoidable.

Marian told me to get out of his room.

Do you want me to stop?

Why don't you try to clear up this whole thing for me, then?

Srikanth and Bryce are ready.

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Roland gave a famous singer ten thousand dollars to come to the restaurant to sing "Happy Birthday."

One hour of sleep before midnight is better than two afterwards.

We cut our living costs.

Stacey suffers from osteoporosis.

Vilhelm is still too out of breath to speak.

How about ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert?

You'll spook him.

I drove home.

They'll do something.

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It makes no sense whatsoever.

This is a problem.

They don't want you there.

You're a genius.

Johnathan intends to live in Japan for good.


Todd begged me to come.

I just did my job.

He worked hard in order to succeed.

Run as fast as you can.

We'll convince Damon.

If you don't have anything to say, say nothing.

To join the choir, you have to be able to read music.

In the case of commercial airplanes, private companies compete to sell their product.

Have you finished your duties?

He has a big restaurant near the lake.

Let's have some cake.

She looks very young as against her husband.

Where is the nearest service station?

If you want to run, then run.

Judge is very timid.

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I'm a nice guy.

Here is a new magazine for you to read.

We're of an age.


I've asked him three times to take out the trash and he still hasn't done it!

The moon shines at night.

The little boy said hello to me.


Give me your word you'll take care of Vinod.

The helicopter is flying very low.

They were everywhere.

The next morning found him on a spaceship.

That's surprising.

They replied that because all 61 beds in the obstetrics/gynaecology department were full, no admissions were possible.

Hey, Michiel, look at this.

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He planned the project along with his colleagues.


I'm putting my foot down.

Have you already done your homework?

Many animals have been destroyed by men.


Lisa always listens to the news on the radio while he's eating breakfast.


Kayvan looks rattled.

I'd like to discuss something with you.

Man's power is knowledge.