We are never as vulnerable as when we love.

Your friendship has great value to me.

The cat is sleeping on the table.

Did you really stay in all night?

Kemal is also getting ready.

I want that blue book on the top shelf. Could you get it for me?

I have a lot of homework today.

Do you feel self-conscious about being a nuisance to those around you?

I left New York two weeks ago.

There can be no friendship without trust.

Seenu has been waiting for this.

Since I had a slight fever, I stayed in bed.

Do you think that plants feel pain?

I've rewritten the sentence just for you.

Would you join me for a walk?

How do I use chopsticks?

I never learned how to play tennis.

I must find out who did this.

I wish both of you'd keep quiet.

Vladimir has been arrested for Ric's murder.


Herve lives alone in a small cabin in the woods.

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When did you go to sleep?

Did you get a massage?

"Your sentence is 95% correct." "What's wrong with the remaining 5%?"


He said he would write to me, but he hasn't.

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Stanislaw went willingly.


They were supposed to have gotten married in May.

I only meant to scare you.

She always claimed to have been just another one of his victims.

What do you mean I have too much personality?

The flag of the town of Vila Velha looks like an inverted Philippine flag.

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Our son was killed in action.


If time is not real, then the dividing line between this world and eternity, between suffering and bliss, between good and evil, is also an illusion.

Lou felt rejected when her boyfriend broke up with her.

This is the moment we've been waiting for.

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He came to Japan when he was a boy of ten.

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The pantry is empty.

The teacher said to everyone: "Our wedding is starting now."

We want a new carpet.

Annard is your father.

I can't do it without a hammer.

I would have liked to have seen 'Casablanca' when the movie was discussed.

I can't take my eyes off Irfan. I can't stop looking at him.


I was just trying to remember.

This car uses a futuristic engine.

My pants fall down without a belt.


Elsa called to say that he couldn't attend today's meeting.

I tripped over a stone and fell to the ground.

I needed your help on something, but I couldn't find you.


How could you do these things?


His second son married and settled down.

You will have your own way.

This class is composed of 35 pupils.


It's her first time.

Ixtli has a lovely face.

Tell them to come home.

The mystery of life is beyond human understanding.

We, the jury, find the defendant guilty of murder.

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They know how to repair computers.

Let me know if you find anything.

He has two cats.

In the morning I greet people with "Good morning" That's an abbreviation for "I wish you a good morning" or "Have a good morning".

A lot of people want peace all over the world.


What am I getting myself into?

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My telephone plan does not cover collect calls.

I paid his wages on the spot.

Rodent asked me if he could kiss me.


Our ancestors arrived in this country 150 years ago.

Are you in Boston now?

We set out when the rain had eased.


Having done the work, she has nothing to do.


One of her hobbies is collecting T-shirts.

Then let us begin.

There is no one reading in the library.

I haven't seen this spooky enemy before!

Why don't you get Edwin to help you?

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Per beat the dog.

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What is she dancing to?


Give me a lift in your car.

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I'm jealous because you have a good boss.


He's from Lisbon.


I'm worried about you.

My mother hummed to herself as she went about her cooking in the kitchen.

Can we please get on with this?

I guess what I've said isn't all that clear, but that's the only way I can explain it.

I'll give them one more chance.

In order to make us and everyone else remember this day, I ask everyone to plant a tree with us.

I would be glad to help you, but I am very busy.

Alain was staring up at the sky.

The problem is that the money is not of such importance as the time.

The flame has begun to fade.

The last time I saw Norm she was dressed in a nurse's uniform.

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You need to get him a job.


He plays golf every weekend.

That day really was very scary.

Can't you go by yourself?

Is that what Gypsy meant?

Rolfe is an alcoholic.


I thought your parents liked me.


Bret was my mentor.

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Juan got home just as we were about to leave.

I'm pretty sure this is what Stuart wanted.

Donne challenged Josh to a game of chess.

Lex is a centaur and Roderick is a nymph.

Let me tell you my theory.


The law has gone through parliament.

Chicken meat is white, whereas that of an ox is red.

He was born in Ohio but brought up in Texas.

He speaks well.

The food is on the table.

There are only three options.

My father will be forty-five in May.

I've got to tell Rajendra what's going on.

She told me what was happening there.


Neal didn't go to the lake with us.

Clean it up.

I just love the way you look.

I can't lie like this anymore.

He was sleeping under the tree.

This book has few, if any, misprints.

Father, today I'm going out with some friends. That is, of course, if you give me permission.

I wish we could help you.

If even I don't know this, how would you know?

Luc sat on the beach thinking about all the happy times she'd shared with Ilya.

He explained it in detail.

That's a question I've asked myself.

When will they start logging?

The funniest thing happened to me on the way here.

What is it this time?

That makes you tear out your hair.

I talk to myself all the time.

I see that I am surrounded by hostile faces.

Don't throw away your chance.

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Let's look under the bed.


He is an insurance agent for a New York company.

What kind is it?

I tried many times to use a personal computer.

I live in Warsaw.

Are you going to the prom with anyone?

Let those pigs hang!

Rolf is asking for it.


Why didn't you tell me that belonged to Kolkka?


Lonhyn isn't the only one who thinks Tony's cute.


Who was the thief?

I'm headed back into town.

Law is born from despair of human nature.


He is too busy dreaming dreams to plan what he will do in his old age.


Hiroyuki took the framed photo off the mantelpiece and took a closer look at it.

How did she do this?

It's really rare.


Do you want to hear about what we did?

Did Gregg leave a suicide note?

The bullet lodged in Cathryn's lung.

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Where can I check my baggage?

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We're waiting for you to help us.

We can only do so much.

Sehyo is a dance teacher.