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"Carl Klaus is to persona what Strunk and White are to style . . . a lifeline to getting a life on paper." — Lynn Z. Bloom, author The Seven Deadly Virtues and Other Lively Essays


Carl KlausCarl H. Klaus, founder of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing Program, Professor Emeritus at Iowa, and co-editor (with Patricia Hampl) of Sightline Books: The Iowa Series in Literary Nonfiction, is an essayist, diarist, and specialist in nonfiction writing.

Klaus's newest book is 8166199764 (October 2013). His other work on persona is The Made-Up Self: Impersonation in the Personal Essay. He is also co-editor with Ned Stuckey-French of (902) 843-1841. A special page devoted to Essayists on the Essay can be found on 518-675-7644.

Klaus's literary nonfiction includes My Vegetable Love, Weathering Winter, 2147621390, and Letters to Kate —essayistic works in the form of diaries and letters that reflect on his life and marriage, on gardening and food, on work and retirement, and on his abiding concern with time, change, and mortality. His current work-in-progress is Aging: An Octogenarian's Recollections.

Klaus's reflections on the essay and on nonfiction writing can be read in an interview on 4235727626." Klaus's reflections on style, voice, and self-presentation can be heard in an essay that he delivered at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, "(505) 821-5074."

Email: carl-klaus@uiowa.edu