Let's get them out of the water.


George Washington was born on 22nd February 1732.


Who is your favourite director


A middle-aged woman is a woman who is past her prime.


I come from Beijing.

Did you get everything?

We'll have to have a man-to-man talk about this.


This is the first time I've ever switched off the heater in winter.

Neither woman was hurt.

Jarl may not be hungry.

The news of his son's death was a great shock.

I thought you wouldn't mind.

He does one good deed every day.

She likes nobody and nobody likes her.


He was seething with anger.


Do as you would be done by.


"Just now, you were looking. You Peeping Cary,"she said angrily.


It's fine, just make sure you don't say that again.


Contact me by ordinary mail.


Don't make me go back there.


Somebody's got to do something.


The Gallic troops were exhausted.

Should I take that as a compliment?

The chicken was dry.

Walter comes to Boston once a year.

"Would you mind opening the window?" "Certainly not."


I was desperately in love with him.

I'm worn out.

It was Lorien that taught me how to do this.


This is a typical loser's sentence.


We voted against the proposal.

It's a very urgent matter.

Dan drove to the river.


I hope that you learn.

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Who appointed her?

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The music evokes memories of an earlier time.

Raj has a heated swimming pool.

We are about to sit down to dinner.

I know someone who lives in your neighborhood.

I was happy that she took my side.

We're going to keep smiling.

Vick doesn't seem so smart.

Andreas auditioned for the part.

Are you willing to change?


It wasn't ours.

I'll enjoy this.

He did something stupid and was sneered at.


It looks as though this summer will be cold again.


She was beaming with delight.


Surely someone will come today and help us.

That'd make you crazier than Kyu.

Torsten finally contacted Lord by phone.

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I offered him a double-flame lighter that I bought in the United States.

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I think you might be overreacting.

Each time an author re-writes a book, it is a new edition.

I was much impressed by his speech.


What's going on with you two?

Dave couldn't relax at home with his children running around the house.

He's a funny man.

This site is really great!

I really want to talk to her.

At least Sho is honest.

We were late for school because it was raining hard.

My mother can't read without glasses.

Half a million children still face malnutrition in Niger.

It's not written in French.

Priests don't have wives.


Bush never invaded Iraq.


What's the plan, Pradeep?


Are you really that happy?

He has wine.

Sitting down all day and looking at a computer screen is bad for you.


I think I could get used to seeing you every day.

Is that why you came to see me?

What should Evan do?


That happens to be why I came here today.


In the underground, to double-cross any member means sure death.


How many times are you going to ask me that question?

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She slept with the window open.

I'll overlook your conduct this time.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

If you want to be free, destroy your television set.

Liisa isn't really sick; she's only putting it on.


Artistic genius is an expansion of monkey imitativeness.

It is clear that he is at home.

Where do you want to go?


It was hard at first.

Reid was in an accident.

Vickie is always bananas.


I don't recall.


I got thinking about it over the weekend, when I was raking the last of the leaves out from under the bushes.


I see a big smile on your face. You must be happy.


Tracy wants that.

I'm sorry, but that's all we have right now.

You only have three days.

Gypsy gave Thad a copy of the speech he was planning to give.

I got that news from Hashimoto.

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"Gang Wives" is a Yakuza movie released in 1986 by Toei Distribution Network.


I'm not interrupting anything, am I?


Have you decoded it?

There are a few books, but they have some misprints.

How much does a beer cost here?


Niels turned on some music.


Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.

Sanctions might work.

They're talking to him.

I didn't really miss Edmund.

I'll never tell anyone what you just told me.


Barton has really helped the team.

I know you're shocked.

Everyone stayed calm.


I came in through the window.


I told him what time to come.

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Hey, what's behind your back?

Where did you see them?

I went to Boston with them.


Practice volleying against two players.


We are short of time, Kimmo.

How do you say "How do you say 'I ate an apple.' in Lojban?" in Lojban?

Armenia is called "Hayastan" in Armenian.


Iodine is used to purify water.

Have you ever really been in love?

We need to get to the wedding.

Baku is located on the southern shore of the Absheron Peninsula.

I don't want to get my hands dirty.

She is a good teacher, as teachers go.

A few minutes more, and I'll be ready.

There was no malaria vaccination in 2011, either.

The essay treats of the progress of cancer research.

Kurt is a career criminal.

I'd like to get Troy behind bars now.


Who's your favorite newscaster?


Mahesh showed me how to do it.

You, probably, once again right.

Where can I buy a shirt like that?

Give Ragnar his change.

You don't have to do it so awkwardly.


Francisco began to shiver in her thin blouse.

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All those things are true.

Tyler handed Knudsen the green notebook.

Toufic isn't as stupid as he looks.

I saw many people hurrying toward the ball park.

How often do you wash your clothes?