I want to be alone for a while.

It would be better if you would eat more.

She is not as punctual as her little sister.

Unfortunately the expensive automobile that I purchased last week has broken down.

It's so boring.

Her sister can't speak to you today.


I think you've been set up.

The weather is nice today.

Who is Miss Universe 2015?

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They are not married.


Many people became Mormons.

He inherited of a great fortune.

I'm sorry Damon had to leave so early.

He likes to read newspapers.

Next time, you'll need to do a lot better than that.


Kim is a Baby Boomer.


I guess I needed someone to blame.

I'm twenty-five.

Is this any way to treat a lady?

They're undamaged.

This material is not suitable for a dress.

It made me really sad.

That just might happen.

Stop being cowards.

We have three weeks.

It's not beautiful things that are expensive, but expensive things that are beautiful.

I paid in cash.

I was not drinking.

I'd like to read it.

That's our money.

Carole and I both got in the car.

He had to go through a lot of hardships.

Everybody blames me for my careless mistake.

Lately high school girls are using their cell phones to exchange e-mail.

Have you spent a lot of time in therapy?


The younger a country, the more vigorously it tries to acquire its history.


Jisheng has only been out of prison three months.

The girl took the cake for her wonderful dancing at the recital.

Tandy rejects modern technology and lives like in the eighties.


I tried, only to fail.

Can you tell us about some of the natural features of that area?

The girl jumped at the chance to go to New York.

I cured my cold with this medicine.

Even the sky conspires against us.

Kanthan is at work, isn't he?

Do you think Dwight is having fun?


Pascal quietly entered the room.

A blonde is speaking to her psychiatrist.

Can you really speak French?


Isn't that enough?


We expect a lot from Saify.


You don't need to feel sorry for Saify.

Out of my way or I shoot you.

I was told you would be alone.

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Konstantinos sent me his picture.


He didn't want to disappoint his father.

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I'll have to come here every year.


It is possible to access the Internet without a wire.

My parents told me that if I worked hard I would have a good carrier.

What was that you just did?


You are doing it the wrong way.

Oleg is obviously lying through his teeth.

Vassos clearly doesn't want to be doing this.

I went to the public hall to listen to the jazz concert.

I'll try to do better next time.

I don't know how long it'll last.

I wouldn't swim in this lake.


And now he rests at home.


You can't read French, can you?

I hope you don't say something stupid.

Life will already be over before you know it.

The test was easy.

I was just as surprised as you were.

The truth of the matter is kept absolutely secret.

Parties are fun.


I was caught in a shower on my way home yesterday evening.

What are you saying, God be with you!

I'll take care of my parents when they get old.

This book was first published in the previous year.

He is said to be rich.

Sheila is indignant.

Michael poked his pencil through the hole.


Kayvan gets angry easily.

Billy is good at sport.

I want to take a look inside.

Let's go by bus to see more of the city.

I shouldn't have downloaded that.

Jesper didn't have on his shoes.

They're preparing food.

Yuri joined the Soviet Air Force in 1955.

You guys are really clueless.

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She shared the apartment with her friends.

I have not felt well recently.

Murthy has been very supportive.


Don't let him call her.

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She went to apply for a replacement.


Vincent squandered all of the assets that his father had left him and ended up on the street.

If you concentrate, you'll be able to finish within a shorter time interval.

Roderick was angry with himself for being late.

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I didn't order them.


It's a large amount.

Srinivasan always gets up early in the morning.

Hilda gets good grades in school.

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He heard a noise.

From the hill, we could see all the buildings in the city.

I hadn't intended to say so much.

What is it you like about them?

Did you want to talk to me?


I'm currently a teacher at this school.

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How are your parents getting along?

How did you know I'd follow you here?

Who'd want to hurt us?

Holly was outraged.

You must be getting tired of listening to everyone's personal problems.

Hello. May I speak to Joe, please?

I'll stay in Rome for three days.

I was in my thirties back then.

We need you to confirm your attendance because places are limited.

Here's a letter from him.

Jane made an angry gesture.

I heard her screaming.

Louise says he's lived in Boston his whole life.


That kind of behavior has nothing to do with me.

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Miek said he had to do some things he didn't want to do.


There are many bad people in the world.


You know who Agatha is, don't you?

I was doing some shopping downtown.

They scraped barnacles off the hull of the ship.


Bread with butter tastes very good.

You forced me into this.

I'll go to my bed and cry.

I want you too badly.

Who knows if her parents are alive or not?

I want to tell her I love her.

I'll always carry you in my heart.

Don't you have school today?

One must always keep one's promise.


No matter how much she eats, she never gains weight.

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Clem offered to help me.


Maybe I should give her a hand.

I don't have anything particular to say.

She is as beautiful as her mother.

The fire destroyed three houses.

I am always leaving my umbrella on the train.

Don has become accustomed to living in Boston.

I think I just saw something.

You're what?

Facebook eats up a lot of my time.

Eriko worked so long and so hard, without stopping to eat, that I feared she would faint.

Can I look in there?


I think Donnie doesn't speak French very well.


I saw a child called Tonio Evans.


I'll set the table.

Suddenly, the prince noticed that his bodyguard wasn't at his side anymore.

Have you heard the latest rumours?

Did he do such things?

Don't think.


There are going to be a lot of questions.