We lead a very ordinary life.

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If we consider the nature of our condition here, we must see there is no occasion for such a thing as revealed religion.

Moses is an ambitious young woman.

Who was Pierette's supervisor?


Do you honestly think I'd do something like that?

The parents of Bernadette were very embarrassed to reply to any questions, because they haven't seen her for a long time now.

Everything seemed normal.

It's hard to believe that Alain really did that.

"My father doesn't drink." "Neither does my father."

It's safe to say they don't much care.

It's a wonderful opportunity.

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Friends and relatives are invited.

To her joy, all the guest praised the meal.

Any virtuous idea can be vicious in itself.

He got caught kissing a girl in the back seat of the car.

If you ever come back to me, I'll never treat you badly again.


His shrewdness marks John for success.


Rodent said he would help me.

This is all I've got.

Christie is a video artist.

Siping discovered that he had made a mistake.

Juergen sorted the mail.

He lives in the southern part of the city.

Russell was surprised when I told him.


Don't worry, it's not going to happen.

I'm not finished talking to you.

I could do with your help.

I saw in the paper that he had returned from the South Pole.

I will care for your kitten during your absence.


He's going to pay me back next week.

Of course, we're prepared.

These are my only pair of work gloves.

This chair is uncomfortable.

He walks to school.

I appreciate your discretion.

Hirotoshi wants to become a citizen.


More often than not, famine is accompanied by plague.

Pitawas is stunned.

Hirofumi and Pilar stared at each other in shock.

Tell me how he got it.

Thanks for the email yesterday. Sorry I didn't reply.

Last week, I mailed him some souvenirs from the U.S.

He lived until the age of 90.

How was last weekend?

What do you think of Japanese?


Lock the window before going to bed.

They will be working hard on the field tomorrow.

What is the program of the Kabuki for next month?

Vincent tried to defuse the tension by changing the subject.

Susumu made it clear that he didn't want to be here.

Show Micky in.

The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.

Valentina Tereshkova was honored with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

I appreciate how you feel.

Billy wired Jesse three hundred dollars.

I'm real sorry to hear about that.

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We have never heard from him since.


I'd like to say three sentences about that.

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I just want you to be involved.

I'll meet you there as soon as possible.

Hey, this is nice.

The demonstrators gathered in the square.

I've been wondering about that.


I called him a coward to his face.


I left some scallions out on the veranda for too long and they dried out.

I will have my sister pick you up at the station.

Judy bet on the wrong horse.

You will be able to speak fluent English in another few months.

The classroom was so noisy I didn't hear my name called.

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They smell bad.

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Jerrie leaned in and kissed Donal's cheek.

I feel that I make time to do various things.

I am thankful for days with nothing to do.

His debt reached a hundred dollars.

I don't know if I can stay.

His work was supervising the labourers on the site.

Religion is a daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable.


I'm fine. How about you?

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Her predictions have come true.


Joseph's attention remained focused on Pat.


She is working as a volunteer interpreter at the international conference.

I thought that she was pregnant.

Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.

What's this really about?

You did that.

You aren't allowed to park there.

Your work with these specimens was impressive.

However, in China, they don't use a word for "human rights," but instead express it as "fundamental rights".

I was relieved when I heard the message.


Sandy is dying to get out of here.

This is a story about Bernie.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a strange, scary shape on my bed.

She goes to junior high.

I met a friend whom I had not seen for three years.

The basement is overrun with rats.

Are we clear on that?

Anton is crying, too.

There's no need to say anything else.

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He never lets his beliefs get in the way of his duty.

This is important to her.

I was taking a bath when he came.

Everything went quiet.

Be quiet during the lesson.


My father told me to write an answer and post it at once.


Cecilia rarely comes home so early.

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I'm not so sure Tor is wrong.

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Please come home as quickly as possible.


Don't get sidetracked.


The doctor operates two days a week.

Excuse us for just a moment.

She's worried as it's been many months since she heard from her son.

I took the little girl by the hand.

I stayed home to rest.

These animals are very friendly, too.

Where was the body found?


We cannot all be stupid. It would be against the laws of statistics.


This is a Hebrew word and it means "friend".

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This will be the house we are looking for.

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They are unworthy of the praise given them.

Elliot was shocked to learn that the DNA was Dimetry's.

After the incident I came to have a higher opinion of him.


Why would Herman want to tell Jesse that?

He needs something to drink.

These presents are really bulky.


Can I at least give you a hug?

She got a cool million dollars a day.

Have you finished talking now?

I have no information on them.

Because of her goodness and beauty everyone loved her.

I buried it.

Our software is proprietary.

He wants a serious relationship.

Hillel is ugly, isn't he?

Catherine found Sofoklis.

Shakil was dumbstruck.

Laura has got it in for me.

Do you realize how late it's gotten?


I've got nothing to hide.

Fasten your seat belts.

You really just don't get it, do you?


I like how you avoided answering Mick's question.

I solved that problem by myself.

Did you go to the last class?

Can you guess how happy I am?

He thought it over, and decided not to go.

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Being cut from the team doesn't mean that you have no talent.

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Ask Mr. Leblanc if he is free tomorrow.


Oh! How cruel is it to love when we are apart from the one we love!


Let's take a little walk.

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Upon entering the room, he noticed that a candle burned on the desk. He remembered that the candle had not been there before.

Hartmann was just looking for you.

Rik is on the swim team.

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How did you guess?

I'm happy with what Bert did.

Did you see anything of interest?

He always left the problem of his children's education to his wife.

The plane bound for Beijing is going to take off soon.